‘Win-thirsty teammates wanted’…Kim’s plea for help

Kim Yeon-kyung (36-Heungkuk Life, pictured) said at the 2023-2024 V-League awards ceremony held at The K Hotel on Aug. 8, “I became a free agent (FA) last year and tried to go to another team, but coach Marcello Abondanza made me a promise, and I’m not grateful because he couldn’t fulfill it.”

What was Avondanza’s promise? At the official press conference after the award ceremony, Kim Yeon-kyung said, “I was just joking,” but added, “When I became a free agent, I had many meetings with Coach Abondanza during the recruitment process.” At the time, Abondanza promised Kim “a more relaxed volleyball, a volleyball that can win”. 바카라사이트 The promise was not fulfilled, which is the reason behind Kim’s joke.

Kim played in all 36 of Heungkuk Saengsim’s regular season matches this season. She was among the top players in the league in both offense and defense. At the end of the season, coach Abondanza admitted, “I wanted to rest her, but unfortunately, I couldn’t because I didn’t have enough other players.”

Kim said, “This season has been particularly difficult. We had some injuries. We finished the season well, but we talked a lot with the coach about various things,” Kim said. “I don’t believe in the idea that volleyball is easy. It was nonsense. I was pure,” she said, adding, “It doesn’t matter if I’m comfortable or not next season. I don’t need to ask for comfort, I need to lead by example and work hard to lead the team to the championship. I will prepare without complaining,” she vowed.

Kim chose to extend her active duty in order to ‘win’. Kim also confirmed that it is difficult to do it alone. The team needs reinforcements in the free agency market. “It would be helpful to have a player who is passionate about volleyball, who has a desire to win, and who can give the team a little more energy,” Kim said.

“There is no comfortable volleyball, and passion and energy are more important than skill,” Kim said, making us look forward to next season.