South Korea lost its first match against Taiwan, but won three consecutive games against the Czech Republic, Australia, and Mexico, securing third place in Group A, confirming its advance to the super round regardless of the results of the remaining one match.

On this day, Korea played against Mexico, Lee Choong-heon (Chungam High School, center fielder)~Jung Ahn Seok (Hwi Mun High School, 2nd baseman)~Yeo Dong Gun (Seoul High School, 1st baseman)~Park Jihwan (Sae commercial, shortstop)~Lee Seungmin (Whimoon High School, left fielder)~Cho Hyun Min (Chungam High School, third baseman)Lee Yulye (Gangneung High School, Gunsu)Lee Sang-joon (Gyeonggi High School, designated hitter)~The starting lineup was set up in the order of Yeonjunwon (Busan High School and Woo Ik-soo). Jeon Mir (Gyeongbuk High School) took the mound as a starting pitcher. 온라인경마

In the bottom of the first inning, South Korea failed to score as leadoff Lee Chung-heon hit a double against Mexican starter Cruz Guajardo and advanced to third base with Jung An-seok’s sacrifice bunt, but Yeo Dong-gun struck out and Park Ji-hwan stepped down with a foul fly.

After South Korea missed the opportunity, Mexico scored the first run in the top of the second inning. Mexico’s lead Masias Baez stepped down with a fly ball to left field against Jeon Mir, but sixth batter Ramirez Rodriguez hit a right-handed hit. He then succeeded in stealing base and dug into third base by Alba Juan’s fly ball to right field. Since then, he has stepped home due to an error by third baseman Cho Hyun-min during Nieblas Casillas’ at-bat.

After losing a point, South Korea lowered Jeon Mir and replaced the pitcher with Hwang Joon-seo (Jang Chung-go). And there were no more runs as Hwang Jun-seo handled Contreras Valdes with a fly ball to left field.

South Korea did not have a significant chance until the fourth inning. In the bottom of the second inning, Lee Seung-min grounded out to the pitcher, Cho Hyun-min to the catcher foul fly, and Lee Yul-ye to strike out, leaving the team with three outs. In the bottom of the third inning, Lee Sang-joon and Jeon Joon-won also turned to ground balls, and Lee Chung-heon had a hard time getting on base as they were caught by a fly ball.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, after Jung An-seok was out with a fly ball to center field and Yeo Dong-gun was grounded out to shortstop, Park Ji-hwan got on base with a hit ball and stole second base, but Lee Seung-min hit a ground ball and failed to score.

Only in the bottom of the fifth inning did South Korea’s first score come out. Leadoff Cho Hyun-min got on base with a right-handed hit, and Lee Yul-ye took a chance to first and third base as the fielder. After Mexico’s pitcher changed to Alvarez Rios, Kim Tae-hyun’s bunt floated, but Cho Hyun-min once again stole the base and reached third base, and Cho Hyun-min scored and tied the score 1-1. In the continued chances, Lee Chung-heon struck out and Jung An-seok grounded out, and there were no additional points.

However, he scored one more run in the bottom of the sixth inning and reversed the score. Leadoff Yeo Dong-gun got on base with a hit ball, and Park Ji-hwan stepped down with a fly ball to left field, but with Lee Seung-min’s right-handed hit, Yeo Dong-gun came in to Cho Hyun-min’s squeeze bunt and succeeded in reversing 2-1. Since then, Hwang Joon-seo blocked the top of the seventh inning and brought the victory.

On the same day, South Korea became a winning pitcher after starter Jeon Mir stepped down with two hits, one walk and one run (non- earned run) in 1⅔ innings, and Hwang Jun-seo blocked the remaining 5⅓ innings with one hit, six strikeouts and no runs. In the batting line, Cho Hyun-min stood out with two hits and one RBI, and Yeon Yeon-won with one hit and one RBI.

Meanwhile, the Korean national team, which confirmed its advance to the super round with a victory over Mexico, is scheduled to move to Taipei after the final match of the preliminary round against Puerto Rico, which was postponed due to rain on the 6th.

In the Baseball World Cup, the top three teams in Group A and Group B will play the Super Round full league, and the combined results will determine the final team and the third and fourth-place teams. In Group B, Japan (4 wins), the Netherlands (3 wins and 1 loss), and the United States (3 wins and 1 loss) have confirmed their advance to the super round regardless of the remaining games, and the final ranking of Group B will also be divided on the 6th.

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