Korea Baseball Organization at Changwon NC Park in Gyeongsangnam-doKorea Baseball Organization

The rival match between Lotte and NC will be played as a doubleheader. With the first game ending with Lotte’s 5-2 victory, all 17,861 seats were sold out before the second game.

This is the third time that Changwon NC Park, which opened in 2019, has sold out. It is the first sold out in 1610 days since the opening match against Samsung on March 23, 2019, the first year of its opening, and the match against Lotte on April 13 of the same year. 온라인카지노

According to the pre-season team’s pledge to sell out, NC will present one infield ticket for the regular season home game to 2023 randomly selected visitors from the second round of the doubleheader.

It also plans to fulfill personal pledges made by players such as taking photos to commemorate the ground with 31 spectators (Son Ah-seop) and giving 50 cups of Starbucks coffee (Choi Sung-young).

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