Shocking ‘Six Pack’ → ‘Missing ST’ Arsenal fans fell in love with the muscles → “Enlist” clamor

Arsenal in the English Premier League were defeated by Liverpool 0-2 at the third round home match of the 2023-2024 English Football Association (FA) Cup held at the Emirates Stadium in London on Sunday. They fired a whopping 18 shots but failed to open the scoring.

After the match, Arsenal players, EPL commentators and fans unanimously agreed that they need a “striker.” “We need a killer,” Ian Wright, one of the best strikers in Arsenal’s history, said on social media. Notably, Wright shot back, saying, ” Arsenal had too many chances and could not score a goal. Even if the game had been played until midnight, Arsenal would not have scored.”

Famed broadcaster Piers Morgan also blasted Arsenal, saying, “We don’t have strikers who know how to score goals. It is incredibly disappointing.” Fans also pointed out Arsenal’s problems, such as “We need Drogba or another Ian Wright.”

Against this backdrop, fans named one player to Arsenal’s goal-scoring ability. In particular, six-pack of his upper body, in which he took off his jersey top after scoring a goal, moved his heart.

The Daily Star said on Thursday that the fans desperately want him. After the winter transfer market opened, there are many inquiries about recruiting a new striker. 온라인경마

Among them, Arsenal fans were hooked on the striker who showed off his abs at the recent goal ceremony. It is said that he reminded them of how desirable his transfer target is. In other words, he wants to score a goal and see Serimori. It is an expression that refers to the reality of Arsenal, which has yet to score a goal.

The Daily Star asked a question, “How is Belgrade’s muscle?” This is what fans want to say about Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic. Vlahovic, who currently plays for Atalia Serie A club Juventus, recently showed off his destructive instinct.

Vlahovic, who is just 23 years old this year, scored the finisher in extra time in the second half, when the score was 1-1 at a match against Salernitana on Sunday. With this win, Juventus is still two points behind Inter Milan, the Serie A leader. It was its seventh goal this season, the most in a team.

Arsenal fans fell in love with Vlahovic because of his next move when he scored the winning goal. Vlahovic, who rose high and scored with a header, rushed to the stands and displayed his showmanship by taking off his jacket on a billboard. Then, he displayed six-pack resembling a washboard to the audience.

“I really want Dusan Vlahovic. Look at that crucial finish. He’s a real striker,” added one of the Arsenal fans. “He’s the player that Arsenal need at this moment.” Notably, Vlahovic has produced his team’s victory this season by scoring equalizer or crucial second-half goals against Inter Milan, Bologna, Prosinone and Lazio. He has scored hugely nutritious goals in times of trouble.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s strikers have been sluggish this season. Gabriel Jesus has scored just three Premier League goals this season. Eddie Nketiah has scored five goals, three of them against relegation-stricken Sheffield United.

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