The life of a YouTuber is also my life

Kim Bo-yong freely says that it is thanks to YouTube that he returned to the K-League. However, many people had negative thoughts about YouTube after returning to Bucheon. He was criticized for saying, “A soccer player is not a YouTube player,” and “Don’t film YouTube and just play well.”

“If I were Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) and Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) Hwang Hee-chan, I would not do YouTube. My reality is that I am a K-League player, and I am not in the spotlight. I have pioneered a way to promote myself through YouTube. It is sad to hear such bitter comments. However, I met good people and received a lot of help from them while I was on YouTube. I hope you don’t just look at me in a negative light.”

That’s why I didn’t film videos at the end of last season. It was an important point at which promotion to the first division was at stake, so there could be many noises. For a YouTuber, a two-month gap is simply poison. If the subscriber is cut off, the channel cannot be maintained. Subscribers, most of whom are soccer fans, understood and waited for Kim Bo-yong’s gap. He said, “It’s really helpful to have people who listen to me. I also heard that there are human 福 on YouTube.” 바카라

While working as a YouTuber, Kim also met Kwak Jun-bin. Kwak Jun-bin, now a broadcasting star, recently uploaded a video of him and his colleagues who went to a workshop in Southeast Asia. As a “first row fan in his room,” he gives harsh advice to Kim Bo-yong. He is also a sincere fan of Kim Bo-yong who came to Bucheon to celebrate.

He returned to the K-League after meeting Chung Hyeon-min, a former founding member of Bucheon. Chung, who was running a business in Thailand, watched Kim Bo-yong’s life on YouTube and helped him return to the K-League 2. It was a good deed that didn’t earn a penny. Kim Bo-yong even said, “I.M. and Yoo Byung-soo who play in the Thai league, and Chung Hyeon-min are like life’s benefactors.”

Kim will join the military this year. After being diagnosed with Grade 4 injury during his playing career, he was hired by the Jinju City Football Team of the K4 League and started working as a public service worker at the same time. He will play for the Jinju City Football Team from this month. “I will play soccer as a soldier for the next two years and continue to work as a YouTuber. I want to convey my life here vividly and attract interest in the 4th Division League and the Jinju City Football Team. Please wait a moment (laughs).”

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