Paysafe offers an all-in-one payment solution to Fanatics Sportsbook

Paysafe, a leading payment platform, today announced a new partnership with Fanatics Betting and Gaming, a subsidiary of Fanatics Holdings Inc., a global digital sports platform. Under this agreement, Fanatics Sportsbook will be integrated with Paysafe to provide customers with traditional card payments and other alternative payment methods.

Against the backdrop of the diverse payment preferences of American online sports bettors, the business partnership with Paysafe will satisfy the trading expectations of Panatics Sportsbook customers. Paysafe’s unique API-based solution, implemented through a single simplified integration, provides Paysafe with a variety of options for depositing and paying.

With PaySafe’s card trading support, Fanatics Sportsbook’s customers can seamlessly deposit into their player accounts using debit cards across Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Tennessee. All card deposits will be processed in seconds using the Paysafe payment gateway, which will seamlessly process player salaries even when using the card to cash in the winner.

In addition, players who prefer to use cash in their daily lives can use Paysafe’s barcode-based online cash solution, Paysafe Cash, to fund sports betting in the Fanatics Sportsbook. Fanatics Sportsbook customers can also choose from other APMs through connections with various third-party providers on the Paysafe platform. 파친코

Fanatics Sportsbook’s partnership with Paysafe is expected to expand to a new state soon following regulatory approvals by operators in several other iGaming jurisdictions in the United States.

Zak Cutler, Paysafe’s Global Gaming President, said, “We are proud to partner with Fanatics Betting and Gaming to bring an unparalleled payment experience to Fanatics Sportsbook and its customers along with the status of Fanatics brands in sports. We are confident that our ‘all-in-one’ payment solution will exceed Fanatics Sportsbook’s trading expectations for a diverse customer base and support the brand’s growth in the current and future markets.”

Kathleen Boord, SVP of Strategic Operations at Fanatics Inc., commented. “We are excited to have an ongoing partnership with the team at Paysafe. Their single integration allowed us to move quickly and gave customers the flexibility to trade with their preferred payment options. We look forward to continued cooperation with Paysafe as we continue to build a strong foundation and create the best experience for our fans.”

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