PACOR Upgrades Casino Philippines As It Exceeds Domestic Game Sales Record In 2019

Following the recent move to convert the state-owned Philippine Amuse and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor) into a monopoly regulator, Alejandro Tengko, chairman and chief executive officer of the government agency, suggests to stakeholders to reconsider the financial capabilities of the Pagcor operating chain, a retail gambling house in the casino Philippines. Tengco reportedly says such a collection of land infrastructure could generate “at least 18 billion PHP” ($320.9 million) in revenue in the next five years.

As GGRAcia reported, the Philippine gambling operator and regulator announced earlier this year that upgrades to existing casino Philippine facilities would increase their value, and that the casino Philippine network should be offered to potential buyers once the modernization process is completed. As reported, Tengco says such action may be taken somewhat quickly.

Sources say Pagcor CEO addressed the issue at a recent iGaming event organized by game supplier RGB International Bhd. Talking about the national gambling environment, Tengco reportedly said the Philippine gaming sector could earn a similar level of revenue as it did in 2019. Chairman Pagcor was quoted as saying, “After one year of the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., our gross gaming revenue is back to 2019 levels.” 슬롯머신

As this year was the “Philippines GGR all-time high” and seems to be reflected in 2023, Pacor can expect to benefit from the current gambling mentality and take the sale process a little further, as the agency facility sale is scheduled for 2025. As reported by GGRAcia, Tengo expects the 2023 GGR to match or even exceed its 2019 record, as the influx of domestic athletes and new tourists has prompted the absence of traditional high rollers and junkets.

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