Morinho, ‘stormous swearing’ at the referee, suspended for four matches at UEFA, ‘heavy disciplinary action’

According to the Associated Press on the 22nd, UEFA announced in a statement that it had decided to suspend Mourinho from four games after holding a reward and punishment committee on the same day.

The incident dates back to shortly after a single match against Sevilla in the Europa League final at Puskas Stadium in Budapest, Hungary, on the 1st. When AS Roma lost after a penalty shoot-out after a 1-1 draw until extra time, Mourinho saw Anthony Taylor from England in the parking lot, who saw the referee, and cursed and made a huge attack, saying, “You are a XX disgrace!”

The video was circulated on the Internet and became a hot topic, and many international referees called for heavy punishment, calling it an “unprecedented threatening act.”

“Mourinho, who broke the rules for directly swearing at the referee of the game, will carry out the disciplinary action in the Europa League group stage, which will begin in September,” UEFA said in a statement. 바카라사이트넷

Meanwhile, UEFA also fined AS Roma 50,000 euros the day after the final, citing that Taylor and his family suffered from AS Roma fans at Budapest Airport. In addition, away fans will be banned from selling tickets to the next Europa League away game.

UEFA told AS Roma that it was responsible for “bombing, throwing objects, vandalism and crowd disturbances.”

Separately, AS Roma will be held responsible for fans’ disturbances and lack of stadium safety systems in the first leg of the semifinals against German club Bayer Leverkusen, not the final. UEFA fined €80,500.

It also ordered the closure of two 6,000 seats in the AS Roma’s first Europa League home game in September.

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