“Is it bad to have a drunk driver?”

Two members of the Wonju City Council in Gangwon-do questioned the hosting of the Road FC competition in Wonju at the 242nd Wonju City Council regular administrative audit held on the 12th. Road FC will hold the MMA Sports Festival at Wonju Gymnasium from the 24th to the 25th.

First of all, a lawmaker said, “The man who assaulted a woman in her 40s on the street and knocked her out was a martial arts player,” adding, “I don’t know how Wonju City benefits from hosting the competition.” “It can definitely remain a stain,” he said.

“School violence also starts as a joke at first, causing various social problems,” he said. “Parents are very sensitive to violence and society is going in that atmosphere, so I have doubts about whether it is a job to maintain a big sports competition in Wonju without such consideration.” He then asked, “Who is responsible for the negative impact on the city?” 바카라

Another lawmaker said, “Why don’t we do this martial arts in the Olympics?” and added, “I think it’s because we don’t think it’s a sport,” adding, “I don’t think it’s a sport.”

In response, Kang Ji-won, head of the planning and budget division of Wonju City Hall, said, “I don’t think it’s reasonable to equate the deviations of martial arts players with those who practice their bodies.” He added, “Sports cannot be established only when it is an Olympic event.”

Kwon A-sol, a former Road FC lightweight champion, also refuted the words of the two city councilors through his YouTube channel. He said, “I was angry because I thought you didn’t know too much about mixed martial arts and misunderstood a lot.” He then said, “A person who learned martial arts said that holding a competition in Wonju is not good for his image because he attacked someone,” adding, “It is ridiculous.”

He said, “We are trying to frame the whole case as if it were the case,” adding, “Then should the event itself be treated the same if problems such as drunk driving and drugs occur in other events?” It doesn’t make sense,” he asked back.

Kwon A-sol said, “According to a reporter, the UFC competition has been held in Seoul and Busan, and with that logic, the two cities become very violent places,” adding, “I feel angry and ignored because I try to criticize them randomly.”

He said, “He said he doesn’t think martial arts is a sport because it’s not an Olympic sport,” adding, “Some people take this sport as a job and take care of their family’s livelihood.” He pointed out, “There are some people who try and sacrifice to develop martial arts, and it is a remark that ignores that.”

Finally, Kwon A-sol said, “Many dreamers are standing on the road FC stage and dreaming of participating in the tournament,” adding, “What will be the dreams of young players if they are treated only as violent sports as the city councilor said?”

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