Mexico’s internal secretariat bans all machines, or it can be drawn from all machines.

Mexico’s Ministry of Internal Affairs comes from any kind of machine, including slots, bingo, card simulators, card simulators, card simulators, card simulators, and card simulators.

Bill’s Terms: 온라인경마

On Sept. 7, the government announced a draft submitted to the National Assembly Committee to improve regulations.This rule will ban games that can be given a chance.

However, of the 444 casinos currently operating in Mexico, all of the casinos can remain in place until they expire.However, there are 408 additional licenses for casinos issued to casinos that are not currently working.They won’t be able to operate the machine.

According to the government, games and drawings prohibit opportunities.However, the law that slot machines cannot be legalized from 1947 was legalized from 1947 and was not approved by a court that was not approved by the Supreme Court.

“Mexican owners are “in a situation where Mexican owners are vulnerable, there is a possibility of social harm and impact on youth that may affect youth,” Bill said.They suffer from diseases or addiction, such as forced gambling or gambling disorders, from pain or addiction.

The third also wants to get rid of all operators in gambling scenes because they can acquire machines through the “water committee” so they can remove all operators from gambling scenes.

Opinions and influences of the country:

Licensee, operator, operator, operator and game industry (AIJAIZ) disagree with the decision.Their main concern is a drop in revenue that could rise to 90%, a major concern for products and services (IEPS).Above all, game halls can be closed, and game halls can be closed.In the gambling industry alone, 500,000 direct jobs are created, and about 120,000 indirect jobs are created by yoga reports.

You can compare it to Alphonse Ponce Liz Woods.He added. “It will greatly reduce the participants in the game hall because it will seriously affect them.The creation of thousands of jobs and indirect jobs would lose much of the contribution to financial and federal companies.

However, the Treasury and Public Credit (HCP) showed a special tax on the special tax (HCP) on all these incomes and services (HCP).

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