Mercury’s Arcade Classic

One of the most German games we think of is Merkur’s Clone Bonus. Anyone who has played a few rounds at Spilotech will know this classic. Why is this slot typically German? Three reels, each with three fields, are rarely popular in other countries. Larger, higher, and even more, it seems to be the motto of the game in online casinos. But the clone bonus is different and feels like a trip back to the 90s. 경마사이트프로

Highlight: Free Spin
So far, clone bonuses are common fruit slots. But besides all the fruit symbols, the machine offers a pretty cool bonus round. As soon as all three bonus scattering appear on the same payline, 10 free spins are given. Note that the slot name is described. This machine has nothing to do with Star Wars. First, a random bonus symbol is determined. If this appears on all three reels, it spreads across the entire reel. So you get five times the normal prize money.

But it gets much better. In the free spin, the probability of re-triggering the free spin is significantly increased. My personal record was 125 euros in profit and 1 euro in equity. However, I also play other slots more often. But in my arcade, I’ve seen visitors with a full screen three or four times in clone bonuses often enough during free rotation.

Where can I play clone bonus online?
The slot was very popular and successful, but Merkur never brought it to online casinos. Clone bonuses can actually only be run in the game library. But since the introduction of player cards and machine standard TR5, it’s not fun at all, at least for me. On the one hand, this is due to annoying waiting times and forced rest.

But what is more important to us is now an absolutely ridiculous chance of victory. Nearly 60 percent of the shares go to the players in Spilo. That is absolutely not enough. Continuous closure contributes to the rest.

Merkur Slot Online
Other Mercur slots can be played in multiple Mercur online casinos. For a while, Mercus Games has completely disappeared from the (German) Internet. Now they’re back online with no replication bonus. However, you can play several other Merker slots at online casinos, including Phishing Madness, Eye of Horace, and Lucky Pharaoh.

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