Lee Kwan-hee stole the show at the All-Star Game

Lee Kwan-hee (36, LG), who had a huge presence in ‘Solo Ok 3,’ stole the show at the All-Star Game.

The ‘Jung Kwan-jang Professional Basketball All-Star Game for the 2023-24 season’ was held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 14th. After 22 years of overtime battles, Team GongAge won the title with a 135-128 victory over Team Kvlmong.

Jamil Warney, who scored a whopping 51 points, was named MVP. His 51 points are the second-most in a single All-Star Game. The top spot is held by Lee Benson with 62 points. Junyong Choi recorded a triple-double with 19 points, 13 rebounds, and 14 assists.

But there was another player who got the most attention from fans. It was LG’s captain Lee Kwan-hee. Her 13 points, seven rebounds, four assists, and three steals, along with her big mouth, earned her the Best Entertainer award.

Lee was a standout performer in the recently concluded Netflix series Solo Rock 3. Lee Kwan-hee was the most prominent character in the show, as she was chosen by three women for the first time. After exuding her charm to the fullest on the show, Lee Kwan-hee became the final couple with Choi Hye-sun and escaped from Hell Island.

Through Solo Ok, Lee Kwan-hee became the most famous basketball player in South Korea.

Lee Kwan-hee’s social media following, which was around 10,000 before the show, exploded to 670,000 afterward. 바카라사이트 There are also a lot of international fans who comment on her social media in English. Her influence is so global that Netflix even sent her a gift.

As a reflection of her recent popularity, Lee was a last-minute addition to the KBL All-Star team. Many basketball fans went crazy for her. Lee made his first appearance as a substitute early in the first quarter, where he was matched up against LG teammate Yang Hong-seok.

Lee Kwan-hee and his “bitter rival” Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) also met in the All-Star Game. Lee Jung-hyun made a breakthrough against Lee Kwan-hee and drew a foul. Lee celebrated and Lee Kwan-hee protested to the referee. Lee made the extra free throw.

Yoo Si Eun, who starred in “Solo Ok” with Lee Kwan Hee, caught the eye as she played a jump rope game with Lee Kwan Hee on the court. The male and female cast members of “Solo Ok” invited by Lee Kwan Hee also enjoyed the all-star game together in the stands.

Lee Kwan-hee’s charm also radiated on the basketball court.

In the middle of the third quarter, coach Cho Sang-hyun turned into a player and stopped Lee Kwan-hee. Lee Kwan-hee fouled him harshly, releasing the emotions she had been building up. Fans were also amused by her behavior.

On the day, Lee Kwan-hee played like a professional basketball player, scoring 13 points with seven rebounds, four assists, three blocked shots, and one steal. Lee Kwan-hee’s entertaining personality made the All-Star game. The KBL awarded Lee the “Best Entertainer” award.

Lee Kwan-hee’s fame has brought a lot of attention to professional basketball. The question is, how can Lee Kwan-hee’s popularity be translated into professional basketball success?

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