All-Star Heo Woong shined on the big stage

All-Star Heo Woong (31, KCC) shined on the big stage.

The ‘2023-24 Season Jungkwanjang Professional Basketball All-Star Game’ was held at the Goyang Sono Arena on Thursday. After 22 years of overtime battles, Team Gong’aji defeated Team KMB 135-128 to win the title.

Team Gongaji’s Jamil Warney was named MVP after scoring 51 points. His 51 points are the second-most in a single All-Star Game. The record is held by Lee Benson with 62 points. Choi Jun-yong recorded a triple-double with 19 points, 13 rebounds, and 14 assists. Heo Woong led Team Kvlmong with 34 points.

The All-Star game, which was held at Goyang Gymnasium, home of the upstart Goyang Sono, was a sellout with over 7,000 fans in attendance. It was a great time for the players to forget about the intense competition and enjoy some basketball fun.

Heo Woong was the top vote-getter in the All-Star voting with 166,616 votes. The Goyang Gymnasium, which has a capacity of about 7,000 people, was filled to capacity on the third floor.

Heoung actively participated in the event to meet his fans.

Heung participated in the preliminary round of the 3-point shooting contest and was eliminated with 14 points. He was the third from last, behind Shin Dong-hyuk (Samsung, 11 points) and Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung, 12 points). However, Heoung was the one who got the loudest cheers from the fans.

Heo made his presence felt at the All-Star Game as well. Team Kvlmong started with Heo (KCC), Dedrick Lawson (DB), Lee Jung-hyun (SONO), Jeon Sung-hyun (SONO), and Ha Yoon-ki (KT). Team GongAzi countered with Jamil Warney (SK), Choi Jun-yong (KCC), Yang Hong-seok (LG), Kim Jong-kyu (DB), and Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung).

Heo Woong started things off with a three-pointer. 카지노사이트 The injured Jeon Sung-hyun also started and hit his first three-pointer. Heo played aggressive defense with his best friend Choi Jun-yong, fouling each other and entertaining the fans.

Later in the second quarter, when Heo Woong was attacking, Choi Joon-yong and Warnie jumped on his back to help him dunk. Heoong smiled broadly. The crowd booed as the referee explained that his score was invalid. Heung immediately hit a three-pointer. Heung finished the second quarter with 17 points. Gong Aji led 62-52 at halftime.

Heo Il-young turned into a referee and gave a technical foul, causing laughter.

In the third quarter, coaches Cho Sang-hyun and Kim Joo-sung turned into players to face Kim Jong-kyu and Lee Kwan-hee. Lee Kwan-hee created a hilarious scene by stealing the ball from Cho Sang-hyun.

Heo Woong hit a long-range three-pointer at the end of the third quarter to pull away once again. Heo also scored the only goal for the team in the downhill shooting contest, which made the fans go wild.

As the game approached, the players stopped laughing and got serious. Lawson and Warney led the offense with 16 and 14 points in the fourth quarter alone. It was a one-point game with two minutes left in the fourth quarter.

A behind-the-back pass from Lee Kwan-hee led to a layup from Heo Woong. Kvlmong took a 113-112 lead. Choi Jun-yong and Warney’s baskets put GongAji back in front, 116-113. Lawson answered with two free throws.

Warney’s shot was blocked by Ha Yoon-ki.

Trailing by one point, Kvlmong made a final offensive push. Lawson wasted the offense with a turnover. With 14.6 seconds left, Warney made the decisive basket. Trailing by three points, Lee Kwan-hee made three free throws. Cheered on by her teammates, Lee made all three free throws. Heo’s last shot missed and the game went into overtime.

Lee Kwan-hee gave a good assist to Lawson. After stealing the ball from Warney, Lee Kwan-hee made a solo fastbreak. SK’s breakup duo Choi Jun-yong assisted Warney for a reverse three-pointer. Gong Ah-ji made it 128-122 to seal the game.

Warney, who was awarded the MVP, put on an incredible 51-point scoring show. Lee Kwan-hee, who entertained the fans, received the “Best Entertainer” award. Heo Woong, who gave his best until the very end, was also a great gift to the fans. Heo Woong showed off both his basketball skills and his big personality.

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