Lee Kang-chul will lead the wizard of ‘three more years’ of KT manager’s extension contract

Accompanied by 20226…2nd place in the regular season. Going to fall baseball for 4 consecutive seasons

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-chul received a “gift” from his team. The KT club officially announced on the 11th that it would extend the contract period with coach Lee for another three years.

Coach Lee will be guaranteed his term from 2024 to 2026. Coach Lee signed a contract with the club for a total of 2.4 billion won, including 600 million won in down payment for the base and 600 million won in annual salary. 토토

Coach Lee made his name as a submarine pitcher representing the league through the Haitai Tigers (currently KIA), Samsung Lions, and KIA when he was an active player. After retirement, he served as a pitching coach and senior coach for KIA, Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom), and Doosan Bears, and Futures (second division) manager.

KT Wiz coach Lee Kang-chul signed a three-year extension contract with his team on the 11th.
He was appointed as KT’s third head coach in 2019. He finished the regular season with his first 50% winning rate after the team was founded in the first season, and ranked second in the regular season the following year, joining the team’s first “Autumn Baseball.”

In 2021, he ranked first in the regular season and topped the Korean Series, achieving an integrated championship. At that time, Lee also became a true record player. He became the first Korean Series winner coach among leaders with a history of being selected as the MVP of the Korean Series as a player.

He led the team to fall baseball this year following last year. KT secured the second place with a walk-off victory of 5-4 in the home game against Doosan held the previous day (10th), and also secured a direct playoff ticket.

KT succeeded in advancing to the postseason for the fourth consecutive season after coach Lee took the helm. “After taking office, coach Lee established a one-team culture through active communication with the players and grew the team that remained at the bottom into a strong team in a short period of time,” the club said. “Both the Jinin season and this season have been recognized for their outstanding leadership by advancing to the postseason for four consecutive years despite a series of injuries to the main players.”

The team also explained the background of the three-year extension contract, saying, “The team has grown as one every season under coach Lee’s guidance,” adding, “He overcame difficult times such as players’ injuries with leadership and is a proven leader who can create a sustainable strong team loved by Suwon baseball fans.”

After signing the contract, coach Lee said through the club, “We were able to perform well because of the club’s generous support, team and coaching staff efforts since the 2019 season,” adding, “I am also grateful to the team that chose to re-sign and the team’s CEO (President) Lee Chang-ho.” I will continue to coach the team with responsibility so that they can continue to be in the strong team ranks,” he said.

KT manager Lee Kang-chul delivers greetings at the 2023 KBO Media Day held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom in Hannam-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 30th.

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