REVO and Stakeelogic Cooperation

Starkelozick, a dynamic and innovative creator of online casino games, and Revo, a B2B content and aggregation platform, have joined hands. StarCellozic’s premium content will be seamlessly integrated into LIBOR’s state-of-the-art aggregation platform, making it readily available to operator partners and players. 파친코

Known for its commitment to simplifying and strengthening customer journeys, Revo has established itself as the leading aggregator of iGaming content. The partnership gives business partners access to Stakelogic’s extensive gaming portfolio, known for its creative themes, vibrant graphics, stunning animation, powerful features, and proprietary 360° technology unprecedented in the industry.

Starkelozick is just as excited about the partnership as it opens doors for players and operators to a wider audience. Their state-of-the-art gaming products will revolutionize the iGaming environment, providing a fresh and engaging view of online casino entertainment.

In addition to this promising partnership, REVO joins over 70 gaming providers to offer over 8,000 games, including slots, crashes, tables and live games. These games are sourced from respected third-party vendors and include support for free rounds. As part of its ongoing efforts to improve, REVO plans to add more than 60 new game providers in 2023, further enriching its diverse gaming portfolio.

Petra Maria Poola, head of sales at REVO, said, “We are excited to welcome Stakelogic to the ever-expanding ecosystem of game providers. This collaboration will empower our operator partners with a new level of gaming experience. We are committed to making our platform a one-stop destination for operators seeking the best content.”

Danila Dzehs, senior sales manager at Stakelogic, said, “We are excited to partner with REVO, a leading B2B gaming provider and aggregation platform. This partnership enables you to deliver exclusive content tailored to REVO and empower your customers with seamless API integration and a variety of customization options. Together, we will enhance our iGaming experience and set new standards for the industry.”

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