Las Vegas Strip Welcomes LPM Restaurant & Bar

Court d’Azur and Las Vegas free lifestyles come together as LPM Restaurant & Bar opens an officially internationally acclaimed restaurant at Las Vegas Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Ranked one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, LPM offers exquisite harmony on a plate with a focus on exploring the joys of the best Mediterranean ingredients and welcomes guests with unique concepts inspired by the French Riviera. 바카라사이트

“We’re looking for a special way to connect with each guest, from every food to every wine we offer; we’re looking for a special way to connect with each guest,” said Nicolas Budzynski, LPM’s chief executive. “Seeing LPM in the bright lights of Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan, a world-famous travel destination, is an incredible moment.”

From the standout al fresco terrace overlooking the energy of the Las Vegas strip to the charming restaurant, LPM exudes the splendor and sophistication of the south of France, every moment filled with amazing indulgence and opportunity to make memories. LPM’s guests in Las Vegas are transported to a comfortable yet buzzing atmosphere complemented by French art, from fabulous culinary presentations to original murals that reflect the creative spirit of Provence.

Jessica Somple, executive vice president of Las Vegas Cosmopolitan, said, “We pride ourselves on bringing a new and unique experience to the Las Vegas culinary scene, and LPM continues that tradition beautifully. LPM’s spontaneous spirit and commitment to every detail are mixed to make it a special addition to our dining portfolio, and we know it will be an unmissable dining destination for both visitors and locals.

From London to Dubai to Miami, LPM captivated every corner of the map with a relaxed and irreverent atmosphere harmonized with passionate interest in the craft’s details. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the group continues to expand its global presence. Las Vegas ranked ninth globally, along with London, Dubai, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Riyadh, Limasol, and Doha.

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