“I told you I didn’t like it”…Victims of ‘Hwang Eui-jo’ Unlawful Shooting’ Revealed Conversation

In connection with the alleged illegal filming case, the victim suddenly released the contents of the messenger conversation and the phone details. Hwang’s side has made a head-on rebuttal to his position that it is an “agreed video.”

The public conversation is expected to intensify controversy over whether to shoot illegally as the victim seems to express her intention to refuse to film.

Lee Eun-ui, the victim’s legal representative, held a press conference at his office in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 23rd and revealed some of the Kakao Talk conversations and two phone calls that the victim and Hwang had in the afternoon of June 27.

After learning about the distribution of the video, the victim said in a phone call with Hwang, “I clearly said I didn’t like it and I said so that day.” Then Hwang replied, “I didn’t know this would happen when I took it.” 안전놀이터

In addition, the victim said, “Anyway, you have to admit that you committed illegal filming. However, I have no intention of taking legal action if I finish it well here,” Hwang replied, “I’m trying to prevent it (the distribution) as much as possible.”

About two hours later, Hwang called the victim again and said, “I didn’t film it illegally, but it’s my carelessness that what I owned was stolen,” and added, “I’ll really try not to damage it.”

In response, lawyer Lee argued, “I was unable to refute that it was illegal filming when I spoke to the victim (first), but after that, I suddenly started to deal with it,” adding, “This cannot be evidence that it was not illegal filming.” He also demanded that Hwang be sent to the prosecution as soon as possible on charges of illegal filming, saying, “The victim did not agree to film, and requested the deletion of the video immediately after learning that he was filmed, but the illegal filming was repeated.”

At the same time, the victim stressed that there is a legal problem with the statement released by Hwang’s side containing the victim’s personal information, and that the “secondary assault” should be stopped. Lawyer Lee pointed out, “It is a clear secondary offense to include an expression specifying the victim’s identity in the statement,” adding, “It is a violation of the Sexual Violence Crime Penalty Act.”

Regarding Hwang’s claim the previous day that he “put it in a clearly visible place without having to hide it,” he countered, “Does the victim always have to keep a close eye on the perpetrator’s video and know if he/she is filming if he/she puts his/her cell phone somewhere?” and “This cannot be ‘consent’ to the filming.”

Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cybercrime investigation team arrested and sent Hwang’s brother-in-law A the previous day on charges of posting a post revealing Hwang’s personal life and threatening him. Recently, it was reported that Hwang’s brother was also called as a reference and investigated.

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