I’m running into Tottenham…Manchester City snatched ‘the next Messi’ lightly → contract imminent

“Manchester City has another meeting with River Plate to complete the deal to recruit Claudio Echebury,” said Fabrizio Romano, a reporter familiar with European soccer news, through SNS on the 25th (Korea time). Echebury is only 17 years old, born in 2006, but he is considered the next star of Argentina to succeed Lionel Messi (Inter Miami), the “God of Football.”

Offensive midfielder Echeveri, who has been playing as a joker since June on the River Plate, Argentina’s most prestigious, was selected as the bronze boot (3rd place in MVP) of the tournament as he led his country to the semifinals with five goals and one assist at the 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Indonesia in November. In particular, his solo hat-trick in the quarterfinals against rival Brazil drew the attention of big European clubs. 바카라사이트 순위

Manchester City took the lead when Echeveri showed his talent to become the next soccer star. “Man City has another meeting with River Plate to complete the Echeveri deal,” Romano said. “Echeveri is on loan to River Plate as part of the deal.” “Man City is confident that they will soon agree on the final details,” he said, adding that Manchester City is close to winning the race to recruit Echeveri.

If Manchester City succeeds in recruiting Echebury, Tottenham will have no choice but to palate. Tottenham is also trying to sweep away promising players for the future of its team, and one of the candidates for recruitment of course included Echebury. British media outlet 90min reported on the 6th that “Tottenham is one of the teams aiming for young players Claudio Echebury, Agustin Roberto and Ian Subiabre who play for River Plate.”

“Among them, Echeveri is one of the midfielders Tottenham is most interested in,” he said. Like Echeveri, Luberto is an Argentine striker who was born in 2006. Despite being 17 years old, he already has a good physique measuring 185 centimeters tall, and he exploded a hat trick in the semi-final against Germany, which lost in the shootout after drawing 3-3 at the U-17 World Cup.

Subiabre was born in 2007, a year younger than the two, and is also a winger who played at the U-17 World Cup with Echebury and Roberto. Despite being 171 centimeters short, he has the potential to become a world-class winger due to his good speed and skills. Tottenham’s goal is to bring in all three promising prospects from Argentina at once, but Manchester City, the same Premier League rival, is on the verge of recruiting Echebury, the most highly regarded among the three River Plate prospects.

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