“If you order now, we will send it to you in April.” Ohtani Jersey, who broke the new record for “Over the Message,” can’t sell because there are none

Shohei Ohtani, who moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers, set a new record. According to reports by local U.S. media such as “MLB.com ” and “FOX Sports,” Ohtani set a new 48-hour jersey sales record for the first time in professional sports history. This is a tally of “Fanatics,” a large U.S. company that produces jersey and licensed sportswear for sale in the MLB. MLS, NBA, and NFL, and it did not announce the exact number. However, Ohtani set the highest record among all-time “superstars” who started selling their uniforms at Panatics.

Ranked second to fifth are also top sports stars. Ranked second on the Forbes list was Messi, the “God of Soccer,” who set the record when he moved to Inter Miami. However, Ohtani ranked second, surpassing Messi’s 48-hour sales performance. Ranked third on the list is Cristiano Ronaldo when he moved to Manchester United. Ranked fourth on the NFL, quarterback Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears, and fifth on the list is Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies. Major League Baseball players ranked first, second and third on the list, and fourth on the list.

Ohtani’s transfer to the Dodgers drew much attention around the world. He drew attention by signing the largest contract in professional sports history with 700 million dollars for 10 years, and controversy arose as it was a “defer contract” in which most of the annual salary would be paid in a deferred manner. Just as Ohtani’s wish to pay his annual salary later, the Dodgers signed a 12-year, 325 million-dollar contract with another Japanese star, Yoshinobu Yamamoto. 안전한 파워볼사이트

Issues create issues. The effect of recruiting Ohtani soon led to marketing effects. The Dodgers’ official website is making efforts to the extent that it makes a separate hall for Ohtani on its goods sales page. It sells a variety of products, including Ohtani’s Authentic jersey, a replica jersey for fan sales, for women and children, and a T-shirt with Ohtani’s name, number, and character engraved on it. The most popular item among them is the jersey with Ohtani’s name and number on it.

All of Ohtani’s jerseys are sold only in the ‘preorder’ method. First, the order is placed, the quantity is checked, and then the delivery is carried out later. There is a notice that the most popular men’s authentic uniforms for men can be delivered before April 20 next year if ordered as of the 26th. In other words, they will be received within March to April at the earliest. Most of the jerseys with other designs can be received between February and March next year.

Sports Illustrated said, “Messi’s uniform No. 17 (Otani), which broke the record when he joined Inter Miami a few months ago, crashed the Panatics website as if it were a Black Friday sale. This is highly likely not only Dodgers fans but also Ohtani’s personal fans. This is why the Dodgers invested 700 million dollars over 10 years in him,” and analyzed, “People want him to be a part of Ohtani’s jersey.” The former Los Angeles Angels have also sold a lot of Ohtani uniforms, but the Dodgers is one of the most popular teams in the Major League,” analyzing the phenomenon of the syndrome.

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