“I’m a candidate for next year’s selection”…In his first return game in three months, he walked-ballnet 2nd division was canceled, and LG left-hander Fireballer starts again from the beginning

Lee Sang-young was selected by the LG Twins with the fifth overall pick in the first round of the second round of the 2019 KBO Draft. He made his first appearance in the first division of the 2019 season. He pitched in three games. He didn’t have a chance to play in the first division in the 2020 season, but he played 50 innings in 21 games in 2021. He had a 4.32 ERA. It is also a season in which he won his first victory since his debut.

Lee Sang-young applied to the managing director and passed after the 2021 season. And he was discharged from the military in June this year and returned to LG. After his return, Lee Sang-young has had two chances to take the mound as a substitute starter. He allowed two runs (two earned runs) in four innings against the Samsung Lions in Jamsil on June 14 and three runs (two earned runs) in one ⅓ against the Changwon NC Dinos on June 20. Lee Sang-young, who threw fast balls close to 150km/h in the past, averaged 138km/h.

Lee Sang-young was eliminated from the first division entry the day after the NC match. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop planned to correct Lee Sang-young’s pitching form. He did not play in the second division after the expiration and focused only on training. And on September 1, he took the mound in the Futures League against the Hanwha Eagles for the first time in a long time. Since then, he has pitched in two more games. Marked six hits and five strikeouts in nine scoreless innings.

Lee Sang-young, who showed good performance in the second division, was registered in the first division entry on the 14th. He then returned to the first division against the SSG Landers in Jamsil on the 16th. 바카라사이트

But the results were not good. Lee Sang-young, who took the mound with a 10-4 margin in the top of the ninth inning, threw three consecutive balls against the first batter Kim Kang-min. Afterwards, he put the ball in the zone, but the five pitches were off again. He walked the ball. He then failed to control his opponent Ha Jae-hoon. He allowed a straight walk.

Eventually, Lee Woo-chan came up on behalf of Lee Sang-young. Lee Sang-young threw nine pitches in his return game, leaving the mound with a bad record of one strike and eight walks, and was eliminated from the first division entry the next day.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who watched Lee Sang-young’s pitch, said, “I think I still have to practice more. “I’m adjusting (the pitching form), but when I went up to the mound, it didn’t work at all,” he said. “There are basically things that need to be fixed. ”I could do it during practice, but I couldn’t because I went up during the game,” he said.

Lee Sang-young has time to adjust again. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop believes that for Lee Sang-young’s future, he should fix it when he can definitely fix it. Coach Yeom said, “I won’t even play in the second division. ”I’ll start practicing again,” he said. “I’m one of the players I need to raise.” He is one of the candidates for starting pitching next year. That’s why we have to make sure to revise it when we fix it,” he said.

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