First pitch report and replacement order 2nd string 3rd month pitch correction bubble 2nd string multiple wins starting again. Yum Gal-ryang, who didn’t give up, said, “I’m a candidate for next year

LG Twins tall left-handed pitcher Lee Sang-young went down to the second division. LG eliminated Lee Sang-young from the first division entry and called up Choi Sung-hoon ahead of a doubleheader game against SSG Landers in Jamsil on the 17th.

Lee Sang-young won 10 games in Sangmu last year, tied for the most wins in the Southern League, and this season, he won eight games until Daejeon to rank first in multiple wins. It was expected that Lee Sang-young’s return at the time would be of great help to LG’s domestic starting lineup, which was weak.

However, Lee Sang-young’s performance in the first team was disappointing. Lee Sang-young, who allowed four hits and two runs in four innings against the Samsung Lions on June 14, his first appearance since being discharged from the military, showed sluggish performance in two hits, four walks and three runs (two earned) in one ⅓ against the NC Dinos on June 20, his second appearance. His ball control was not good and his ball speed was also around 140km.

Immediately, he went down to the second division and began correcting his pitching form. The arm angle came down from Sangmu and there were problems such as turning and throwing the body, so it was changed to a concise pitching form. He corrected himself by only pitching practice for two months, and after confirming that he had improved by pitching in the second division, he put him in the first division.

However, Lee Sang-young’s pitching, which was confirmed against the SSG Landers in Jamsil on the 16th, has not changed. Lee Sang-young, who came up in the top of the ninth inning with a big lead of 10-4, was replaced by Lee Woo-chan after giving up consecutive walks to Kim Kang-min and Ha Jae-hoon. There was no control at all. However, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop prepared Lee Woo-chan immediately after seeing Lee Sang-young facing the first batter Kim Kang-min and replaced him after dealing with Ha Jae-hoon.

I was trying to see the results of the pitch form correction, but the results didn’t appear at all. Coach Yeom said on the 17th, “I think I still have to practice more. I’m getting braces and it’s not working properly. “When I went up to the mound, I couldn’t do it at all,” he said. “My body turned, and basically things that needed to be fixed were done at practice, but I went back to my place when I came up to the first division.” 토토사이트

If the pitching form is corrected well and shows the expected appearance, Lee Sang-young, who even thought of a long relief at the end of the season and the postseason, will go back to the beginning. Coach Yeom said, “I’m practicing again. “I won’t even play in the second division,” he said. The season is just around the corner, so we should say that we are preparing for next season.

Disappointment in this game does not mean that he was let go. Coach Yeom did not let down his expectations for Lee Sang-young, saying, “I am one of the candidates for next year’s selection.”

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