“I wish Korea the runner-up at the Asian Cup”…Tottenham Postecoglou’s ‘Surprise Joke’ → Why?

British media ‘Optus Sports’ said on the 28th, “Coach Enze Postecoglou was asked about the importance of the Asian Cup. Here, Postecoglou joked, “I hope Son Heung-min will be the runner-up at the Asian Cup, behind Australia.” Son Heung-min will join the Korean national team to participate in the Asian Football Confederation 2023 Asian Cup led by Jurgen Klinsmann after playing against Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League and Bournemouth scheduled for the 29th and 31st.

Naturally, he will be out of Tottenham’s roster for about a month. Postecoglou is also aware of this. However, Korea’s win at the Asian Cup is not that important to Postecoglou. Postecoglou is an Australian national. The Australian national team is also participating in the Asian Cup. It is considered one of the favorites to win the Asian Cup along with South Korea. Naturally, Postecoglou is highly likely to cheer for his country, Australia. 슬롯머신

In addition, interestingly, Postecoglou has already given Korea the pain of being runner-up. The Korean national team finished second in the final of the 2015 Asian Cup, trailing only Australia. Son Heung-min scored a dramatic equalizer just before the match ended, leading the game to extra time, but he lost in extra time when he conceded the final goal to Australia.

At that time, it was Postecoglou who took the helm of the Australian national team. Coach Postecoglou, who has already won the Asian Cup, once again joked that he wanted Australia to win. Meanwhile, the national team led by Klinsmann will hold its final mock test against Iraq on May 6. It will begin its month-long march, starting with the first group match against Bahrain on May 15.

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