“Japan’s Daylight” announces “Mitoma Asian Cup cannot be called”…I feel like I’m winning the Clinsman

“In the match against Tottenham Hotspur, eight to 10 players cannot play due to injury. Two players are not allowed to start. Among them is Mitoma. She will not be able to play for up to six weeks. Chances are high that she will not be able to play at the Asian Cup.” (Brighton de Gerby coach)

Japan cannot get on the Qatar plane with 100% of its power. Mitoma Kaoru (26, Brighton), who played a quasi-level role in the Premier League, is not expected to be called to the Asian Cup. British media outlet “The Athletic” transferred the words of manager Brighton Roberto de Gerby on the 28th (Korea time).

“In the match against Tottenham Hotspur, eight to 10 players cannot play due to injury. Two players cannot play as starters. Among them is Mitoma. He will not be able to play for up to six weeks. Chances are high that he will not be able to play at the Asian Cup.”

Mitoma left Kawasaki Frontale in 2021 to challenge the European stage. After wearing the Brighton jersey, he finished adapting to Europe on loan in Belgium and has made a full-fledged first-team presence since 2022. 온라인경마

In the early part of the 2022-23 season, he was a rotation player, but gradually increased his playing time and successfully competed for the starting position. Straight but explosive dribbling and intermittent offensive points energized Brighton’s left wing.

He also added impressive points last season. He scored his third goal at a home game against West Ham in the 26th round of the 2022-23 English Premier League, sealing his team’s victory over Brighton, and recorded offensive points (one goal and two assists) in three consecutive games until his match against Crystal Palace in the eighth round.

Son scored more goals than in his debut season by scoring against West Ham in the 26th round. Son has emerged as the core of Tottenham and as a top-class player, but rarely had a chance in his debut season. He had four goals in 28 Premier League matches at the time.

“He is an excellent player in every way. He can play not only as an attacking midfielder but also as a wing player. He is attractive to Premier League clubs,” said Bissaker, who also predicted that world-class clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool will pay attention.

Despite rumors of a significant transfer, he decided to accompany Brighton. He signed a long-term contract through 2027 this summer with the condition that his team’s highest pay per week be paid. Japanese media outlet “Ameba Times” reported that Mitoma, who left for Brighton from Kawasaki Frontale in 2021, made his Premier League debut last season. He had a great debut season with Brighton, and this season he scored three goals and four assists in 11 official matches. Some said that he would leave Brighton in the winter, and he has been linked to Manchester City or Barcelona.”

He also conveyed his local reaction to the Japanese soccer fans. “Despite rumors that another team will move to another European team, the team has decided to stay in Brighton. Fans hailed Mitoma as one of Brighton’s best players, saying that he would be worth 100 million pounds when his contract expires in 2027, and that he should stay in Brighton as long as De Gehrby is in charge of the team.”

However, the team has not displayed as explosive performance as it did in the last season. De Gehrby has consistently given him opportunities, but he has scored three goals and five assists in 17 Premier League matches, and one assist without a point in six UEFA Europa League matches. The most recent point of attack is one assist at a home game against Brentford in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Although his performance has slowed down compared to last season, he is a key player for the Japanese national team. Since being drafted by the A team in 2021, he has personally experienced the world stage by playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He played as a substitute but accumulated one assist against the invincible Spain, displaying capability in the Premier League.

Since then, he has accumulated offensive points in all-Taroos in A matches. He had one goal in the match against Colombia in March and one assist in the match against El Salvador in June. In the ensuing match against Peru, he scored one goal and one assist, gaining momentum to Japan’s 4-1 complete victory.

For Japan, leaving Mitoma is fatal. Key midfielder Takefusa Kubo is also concerned about the possibility of injury. Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported that Takefusa could have suffered a rib injury in the 18th round of the Spanish Primera Liga.

It was because of a ridiculous foul by Ruben Alcaraz (Cardis). Alcaraz hit Gubo in the side with his hands while he was breaking through. In the second half, he also made a rugby-like foul by holding and dragging Gubo while holding the ball to escape.

Kubo said, “My ribs may be cracked. I don’t know because I don’t give detailed jokes, but it hurts. My feeling is that I was punched in boxing. I don’t know what will happen. I hope I can play in the next match.”

Main defender Hiroshi Itagura (Mönchengladbach) is not in 100 percent condition either. He had surgery on his left ankle in October, but the pain is still lingering. He has concerns about his sense of play as he cannot return to the game during the winter break. “His condition has improved a lot. He can play in the Asian Cup without any problems,” he said, but remains uncertain.

Japan is one of the favorites to win the Asian Cup title as it has won the most Asian Cup titles (four times). Just like Korea, the team has been preparing for the Asian Cup by conducting a rally in Korea from Friday. The team will accelerate preparations for the Asian Cup finals, starting with a friendly match with the Thai national team on Jan. 1.

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