Hwang Ui-jo, ‘Controversy over national team qualification’, ‘Final shot + ‘Shoot ceremony’… Director raves about ‘Professional’

The coach praised his team’s player’s function as a soccer player, even though he knew about the allegations of illegal filming.

Hwang scored the first goal in the 21st minute of the first half at a home game against Queens Park Rangers (QPR), round 17 of the 2023/24 season championship at Carrow Road in Norwich, England, on Wednesday (Korea time). With this victory, Norwich ranked 13th (7 wins, 2 draws, 23 points). Having recorded one win, one draw and seven losses, Hwang successfully rebounded by garnering two consecutive wins recently.

Hwang Ui-jo started as a front-line one-top striker in the 4-2-3-1 formation, drawing a lot of attention. Attention was drawn to whether he could play in his team’s game at a time when he is under police investigation for illegal filming, but Wagner’s choice was ultimately Hwang Ui-jo’s starting lineup.

Hwang Ui-jo responded by scoring the only goal of the game.

Hwang scored the first finishing goal in the 21st minute of the first half. Gabriel Sara broke down the opponent’s defense by receiving a long ball from the back, then grabbed the ball with his right foot and dropped it in front of him. Later, he calmly kicked it with his right foot, drawing applause from home fans who were thirsty for a goal recently.

Coach David Wagner, who saved Norwich City in crisis and his managerial status, was busy praising Hwang. “Wagner has given a lot of compliments to Hwang, who has been the subject of suspicion over his personal life in his home country,” Planet Football said on Wednesday.

“It wasn’t easy for him, but he was very considerate of us. He proved how great a soccer player he is,” Wagner said. “He has excellent skills and is a professional. He also understands the game well. He took his goal really well and proved to us that he can play for around 70 minutes. It was more time than I expected after the A-match.”

Wagner said he was aware of the fact that Hwang was questioned by police before the match, but expressed his intention to send Hwang into the game. However, he said he would trust the judgment of the team’s leadership.

When asked about Hwang Ui-jo’s situation at a pre-QPR press conference earlier, Wagner said, “I don’t have enough information to know the whole thing about what happened in Korea,” adding, “Ben Napper will deal with Hwang Ui-jo and his agent.”

“It’s on the field that I can judge and control. Hwang Ui-jo will be with us. Eventually, I’ll decide whether he’ll step up at the end, and I don’t have all the information I need right now,” he said.

He could be banned if the team’s frontrunners, such as general manager Napper, give an appropriate opinion, but it was interpreted that he would put him in the game right now.

In the end, Wagner put Hwang Ui-jo at the forefront of the QPR match and proved that his faith was at least right on the soccer field with the winning shot.

Hwang Ui-jo has been the subject of controversy as it was revealed that he was investigated by the police for illegal filming during the A-match period. He was reportedly investigated for illegal filming on the 17th, the next day after the 2026 North-China World Cup Asian qualifying match.

The case dates back to the end of June. Hwang Ui-jo became controversial in June after photos and videos containing his and women’s personal lives were circulated on social media from A, who claimed to be his ex-lover. As the controversy grew, the SNS post was immediately deleted, but Hwang Ui-jo filed a complaint against A, who posted a privacy disclosure at Seongdong Police Station in Seoul through his legal representative, on charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act (defamation of false facts).

At that time, Hwang Ui-jo claimed that the video was inside a mobile phone stolen when he rented Olympiacos in the Greek first division last year, and that it was not illegally filmed.

Since then, it has been quiet for about five months, but it has reignited again after the police requested an arrest warrant for A and on the 17th, it was revealed that Hwang Ui-jo was investigated as a suspect. However, in the process, A was found to be Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law, which shocked him.

However, the case entered a new phase on the 21st when Hwang’s ex-lover sued Hwang through a legal representative, claiming, “I had dated Hwang, but I had never agreed to shoot a sensitive video at that time or after, and I have been asking him to delete it,” and “Hwang lied through the media that he filmed it under agreement with his ex-lover instead of looking back and reflecting on his wrongdoings, leaving irreversible wounds and trauma to the victim.”

Hwang’s side has repeatedly claimed that he was the victim of the illegal distribution of the video, saying that the video was filmed under agreement with his ex-lover. He also intends to face cross-examination with his ex-lover.

In such a situation, it was controversial as it was replaced in the 27th minute of the second half in the away match against China in the second Asian qualifying round on the 21st, the same day that the former lover claimed to be the victim.

Jurgen Klinsmann, who leads the national team, stressed that Hwang Ui-jo’s participation is justified, citing that no ruling has been made yet.

Coach Klinsmann expressed his trust in Hwang Ui-jo on two occasions immediately after the match against China and after returning to Korea.

“Hwang Ui-jo is our player. It’s because the allegations have not yet been proven or the charges have not been made,” Klinsmann said. “I have experienced many things during the 40 years of my soccer career. Every time, there was speculation, so I want to say that he is our player until the allegations are made,” he said. “He is a good player. I want to say that he is a player who has a lot of things, and we need to prepare for the Asian Cup, and I hope that he will score a lot of points and play a big role in the national team while maintaining his best condition.”

In the end, he decided to pick one of the 23 entries for the Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in January next year. 토토사이트

Hwang Ui-jo returned to his team Norwich after completing his national team schedule, and the Norwich City club eventually deployed Hwang Ui-jo to score the winning goal. Hwang Ui-jo played until the 19th minute of the second half and was replaced by Adam Aida.

After twists and turns, he started his team and scored a goal in the real game, but the controversy surrounding Hwang Ui-jo is unlikely to subside easily.

The ex-lover’s lawyer is strongly protesting Hwang Ui-jo’s recent statement, saying, “We have refrained from officially responding for fear of exposing the victim’s identity,” and “If negative suspicions are raised, we are seriously considering attending with the other woman for cross-examination.”

The lawyer said, “It is a very serious secondary assault against the victim, and it is clearly intimidation and pressure on the victim,” and emphasized, “Please take action in this regard, warning against repeating such criminal acts. If necessary, I will also submit a complaint.”

In addition, the lawyer also called for the Korea Football Association and Coach Klinsmann to “refrain from choosing and speaking and saying that illegal video is a crime, not privacy.”

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