72% of Swedes who have gambled in the last 12 months are monitoring their gambling habits

A survey conducted in November shows that 72 percent of all Swedes have gambled for money in the past 12 months. This rate is about the same as the survey conducted around the same time last year. Of this number, 38 percent gambled last week, up 4 percentage points from last year’s survey. Also, 71 percent of the players played the lottery and numbers game, making them the most common gambling option for gambling. 파친코

SKOP submitted its findings to Spelinspektionen in late November, and the findings show that 85% of Swedish players play at home. This level is similar to the level measured in 2021. Finally, 62% of athletes know the self-exclusion register Spelpaus.se , up 3 percentage points from 2021.

The Inspectorate aims to ensure a transparent and balanced gaming market by providing consumers with requested tools for fair gaming, and the authorities’ equal concern is to reduce the social harm that gambling may cause, and to that end, it has issued regulatory guidelines for the 2021 liability gambling provisions to state that players’ behavior should be constantly monitored.

According to the guidelines, operators should continuously supervise players to implement excessive gambling in a timely manner, and monitor players’ game patterns, such as the player’s gambling frequency and game duration, to determine whether the pattern of excessive gambling behavior is clear.

Regulators also suggest special monitoring of athletes between the ages of 18 and 24. For all of these reasons, Spellinspection calls on operators to come up with an action plan to enforce the duty of care.

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