“Drunk driving not reported → club release → 1 year disqualification for KBO” Former Lotte Bae Young-bin’s enlistment personnel said, “I will come back after growing up. I will be back safely.”

Bae Young-bin was behind the wheel after drinking alcohol in Seoul on October 23 last year. He drove a car parked in an alley for a chauffeur to find him, but was caught by police. His blood alcohol level was as high as his driver’s license was revoked.

Since then, Bae has participated in the wrap-up camp hiding the fact without voluntarily reporting it to the club. However, as he belatedly learned about Bae’s drunk driving on the 11th, the club belatedly started to find out the truth and reported it to the KBO Clean Baseball Center. Since then, Bae has been excluded from the wrap-up camp.

Lotte held its own disciplinary committee to release Bae. “Drunk driving itself is a big crime and we judged the act of hiding it without reporting it to the club as a serious matter,” the team said. 경마사이트

The KBO handed down a one-year disqualification and 80 hours of community service activities. “Bae was caught drunk driving on April 23, causing social controversy, and undermined the dignity of the league by not reporting to his club or the KBO,” the KBO said.

The KBO Reward and Punishment Committee decided on a one-year disqualification for Bae Young-bin based on Article 151 of the KBO Code [Act of Disgrace Damage], and decided 80 hours of community service activities as an aggravation of unreported parts.

Bae Young-bin said on his Instagram on the 8th, “There are so many people I’m grateful for before I go to the military, and I’m sorry I couldn’t say thank you to each and every one of them.” He added, “I’m going to say hello even if it’s because I’m reminded of my very grateful face and heart for trusting and supporting me, which is insignificant.”

“He is such a precious person. I am grateful. I am sorry for the disappointment,” Bae said, bowing down. “I was so thankful that no words could describe it. I was so happy. I will come back after growing up. I will come back safely.”

“Manchester City plans to recruit Jojua Kimmich from Bayern Munich this summer amid the competitive interest of Manchester United and Liverpool,” British media ‘Goal Dotcom’ reported on the 8th (Korean time).

Kimmich is the world’s top midfielder that Bayern Munich is proud of. Having moved from Stuttgart, the same Bundesliga team, in 2015, Kim became involved in the team by showing good performances from the first season.

A right-back is also possible, but he also played as a right-back in the season when the team was in a bad situation and won the Champions League. From the 2019/20 season, he has returned to his main position as a defensive midfielder, showing his class without a doubt.

Kimmich is playing a central role in Bayern Munich’s achievements. With 41 goals and 100 assists in 367 appearances over nine seasons, Munich has led the team to eight league titles, including the treble, and one Champions League title. If Neuer retires, he will be considered the next captain.

Kim has been sluggish this season. Due to Tuchel’s stubborn tactics, he is in charge of the midfield alone, which has resulted in more inaccurate passes and more balls being taken away. He has been criticized for his poor defense.

Kimmich is the subject of intense transfer speculation ahead of his current contract expiring at the end of next season. He is under contract until 2025, and a number of English clubs are understood to be keeping an eye on his situation.

According to the British media Mirror, Munich is currently asking Kimmich for a transfer fee of 50 million pounds (about 83.6 billion won), but when the summer comes, Kimmich’s contract period is only one year away, so the club may have to reduce his value to 25 million pounds (about 41.8 billion won).

Manchester City are confident in signing Kimich next summer, but they will face competition with Liverpool and Manchester United of the Premier League, which have long shown interest in him. Barcelona is also keen to recruit Kimich despite financial constraints.

However, as Kimmich loves Guardiola so much, Manchester City seem to be taking a step ahead in the recruitment battle. How much Kimmich loves Guardiola is evident from his previous remarks on Pep Guardiola, who managed the players at Munich.

Kim revealed the unforgettable moment by talking with Guardiola about his encounter with him and the “trust” he had built through the encounter. “I was playing in the secondary league when I was 20. I thought, ‘Why do you want to take me when you can recruit all the players from all over the world?’ So it was a little strange. But I knew that a good opportunity had come to me.”

Kimmich continued, “I sat in the conference room in Munich and waited to meet Pep Guardiola. All I knew about Pep was what I saw on TV. I was so nervous, but as soon as Pep came in, I immediately felt a sense of trust. And right away, I felt like I wanted to play for Munich.”

He finally said, “Pep talked about my strengths and weaknesses, and he said he wanted to help me learn a different style of football and become a better player. Pep told me, ‘I want you to join this team. I will never forget that moment.”

Guardiola has been supported throughout his career as Munich manager and plans to reunite with Manchester City. Manchester City are expected to enter the market for new midfielders with Kalvin Phillips set to move. If Kimmich reunites with Guardiola, he will be able to add a wealth of experience and versatility to his Manchester City squad.

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