“I think I can replace Son Heung-min” Werner just before entering Tottenham…We’re in London. Medical’s on the horizon

Fabrizio Romano, who plays for Kurt Offside in the U.K. and is known as an expert on the European soccer transfer market, said on his social media account on the 9th (Korea Standard Time). Werner’s transfer was agreed on Saturday, including a full payment option and a €17 million purchase option clause. Werner’s medical test is also booked.

Romano announced that Werner’s move to Tottenham was imminent by shouting “Here We Go” which is his signature phrase and used when the player’s transfer was approaching. After Romano’s report, it was reported that Werner arrived in London from the UK and was moving to Tottenham. “Hotspur Report,” which reports on Tottenham, said hours after Romano’s report, “Werner has landed in London and is heading to Tottenham,” and that Werner is moving to Tottenham for a medical test.

Considering the time, Werner is likely to be Tottenham’s first player in the winter transfer market. Initially, Tottenham planned to quickly recruit Nice’s center back Jean-Claire Todibo to recruit another position after completing the reinforcement of its center back, but when Nice decided to keep Todibo, they turned their attention to Werner.

It was because it needed to recruit a striker. Ever since Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich in the summer, Tottenham has been criticized for needing to recruit a striker. Until the middle of the season, the team used Son Heung-min as the front line striker and deployed the revived Hishalisson as the striker. However, there have been constant calls for recruiting a striker in the winter considering Son’s schedule to run for the Asian Cup in the AFC Asian Cup.

In the early days, Tottenham’s target was Brentford striker Ivan Toney, not Werner. Toney, who scored 20 goals in the league last season alone to rank third after Erling Holland and Kane, is considered to be a striker who is considered to have outstanding ability to compete in public ball games and score goals. However, he has been banned from playing due to his alleged involvement in illegal betting. 온라인카지노

However, Tony’s transfer to Tottenham has become increasingly weak due to the fact that Tony has lost his sense of play as he has not been able to play, and that many clubs have many teams aiming for Tony. Tony has been linked to Tottenham’s regional rival Arsenal for some time, and recently, Brentford’s head coach Thomas Frank has openly talked about Tony that he will not sell him.

It was Werner who Tottenham sought to recruit on behalf of Tony. Werner began to be rumored to be transferred with multiple PL clubs such as Aston Villa and Manchester United even before the winter transfer market opened, and recently, he was strongly connected to Tottenham and gained momentum to Tottenham.

Werner’s trip to Tottenham went fast. Florian Flettenberg, a member of “Sky Sports” in Germany and well-versed in German soccer news, reported on his SNS on the 6th that “Werner will join Tottenham on a six-month loan. We are in the final stages of negotiations, and Werner is ready to leave the Leipzig training camp.”

On the same day, Romano said on his SNS account that “Werner has been removed from Leipzig’s match list to be held today to join Tottenham on loan within the next 48 hours. Negotiations are in final stages, and a decision is pending over the option to purchase. Tottenham will be responsible for 100% of Werner’s wages by June,” adding that Werner will head to Tottenham.

Tottenham’s ITK (In The Unknown) Paul O’Keeffe, who is well known for his internal news, also reported that Werner was scheduled to undergo a medical test in London soon, and a number of media outlets, including Britain’s “BBC” and “Sky Sports,” also reported that Werner’s trip to Tottenham was imminent.

Leipzig coach Marco Rosé also admitted Werner’s transfer. Rosé said, “It is true that Werner wants to go on loan. He wants to play in the European Championship. We wish Werner the best, and we wish him the best of luck.”

As Rosé said, Werner seems to have chosen to transfer to Germany in order to have enough time to play. If Werner is to participate in Euro 2024 in his home country of Germany after the end of this season, he will have to play consistently. Werner played only eight matches for Leipzig this season, and out of eight matches, he started only two matches. Werner played 204 minutes this season.

If Werner joins Tottenham, concerns about playing time are expected to be resolved. Tottenham needs a player who will take charge of the front line with Hicharlisson right away. Also, as Werner has the ability to play on the side, there is a good chance that he will play as a side striker, not a striker.

One of the reasons why Werner chose Tottenham was Ange Postecoglou. “The reason why Werner was able to make a surprise move to Tottenham was largely attributable to Postecoglou. Werner received offers from Manchester United, West Ham United, and Crystal Palace. Then, the possibility of moving to Tottenham last Thursday came to mind, and his loan move is imminent,” the British “Sports lens” said on Tuesday.

The media then explained, “Tottenham has become a team that aims for a specific goal under Postecoglou, and Postecoglou has set Werner as a strong target. Postecoglou thinks Werner is a player who strives for the team, and Tottenham’s scouting staff were also convinced that Werner’s data matched the style Tottenham wanted to include in the offense.”

Allesdair Gold, a member of Football London in England and a reporter exclusively for Tottenham, said, “Tottenham moved quickly to sign Werner, who had been linked to Manchester United after the transfer market opened in January. Through this recruitment, Tottenham will be able to fill the gap of Son Heung-min who will play in the Asian Cup this month, and if Werner spends the rest of the season smoothly, the affordable and full recruitment option will be a great business.”

Werner said, “Of course, Werner played for Chelsea from 2020 to 2022 and had a hard time in the Premier League. Despite his contribution to the UEFA Champions League championship during the Chelsea years, Werner had a disappointing record in the league. During his two seasons with Chelsea, Werner only scored 10 goals in the PL,” pointing out that Werner had failed in the PL when he was at Chelsea.

As Gold explained, Werner was given nearly 60 games in the PL for two seasons, but left for Germany with a poor scoring record. Chelsea trusted Werner and guaranteed Werner a fair amount of playing time, which did not live up to Chelsea’s expectations.

Although he had strong points, his only problem was that he failed to display them. Werner has been cited as strength for his line-breaking ability to break down the opponent team’s defense line by attempting to penetrate at the right time since his time in Leipzig and his ability to link up with teammates. However, he failed to take advantage of these strengths at Chelsea, only to see his poor goal-scoring ability, which was his weakness.

When his performance continued, even he doubted his ability. “I don’t know why the fans are rooting for me sometimes. I’m a striker but I’m not scoring a goal,” Werner said in an interview during the 2021-22 season. The interview showed that Werner was at the bottom of his confidence.

Unfortunately, Werner left Chelsea at the end of this interview season. Chelsea had been waiting for Werner to come alive, but eventually put Werner’s name on the release list ahead of the 2022-23 season. Several clubs showed interest in Werner, but he chose to return to his former club Leipzig.

After returning to Leipzig, Werner played in 27 matches (23 matches) in the first season, recording nine goals and three assists. However, after the opening of this season, he failed to boost performance and thus was pushed out of the competition to become a starting member. Promising young players including Royce Oppenda, Yusuf Paulsen, Xavi Simmons and Benjamin Seschko took the starting position in place of Werner.

This is why there are voices of concern. Werner has already failed in one PL, and his recent performance is not good. In addition, Werner’s intention to join Tottenham is to secure time for Euro 2024 next year. Although Tottenham did not include a full transfer clause, there are concerns that six months with Werner could be painful.

It is questionable whether Werner will be able to fill Son’s absence as Tottenham expected. Unlike Werner, who had been sluggish since the beginning of the season, Son has scored 12 goals and five assists in the PL alone this season, ranking third in goal tally and third in attack points in the league. In addition to his records, Son’s recent performance is overwhelming compared to Werner. However, there is no turning back now. Werner’s move to Tottenham is imminent, and Tottenham hopes to recruit Werner from the upcoming match against Manchester United.

Werner, along with other players, is expected to take charge of Tottenham’s attack until Son Heung-min arrives. If the Korean national soccer team advances to the Asian Cup final, Tottenham will not be able to join Son until the match against Manchester United, Brentford, Everton and Brighton and Hove Albion. Not only Manchester United but all three other teams are difficult to deal with. Brighton is also the team that has recently broken Tottenham’s upward trend.

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