China to replace top envoy to South Korea

Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming arrives at Severance Hospital in western Seoul to visit the funeral parlor to pay respects to late Hyosung Group Honorary Chairman Cho Suck-rai, in this  March 31 photo. Yonhap

Chinese Ambassador to South Korea Xing Haiming is expected to leave his post after more than four years on the job as 안전 Beijing has decided to replace him, according to diplomatic sources Friday.

The Chinese government reportedly instructed him to return home and Xing is expected to depart this weekend or early next week, the sources familiar with the matter said.

Xing took office as the top Chinese envoy to Seoul in January 2020. Xing is known for his extensive knowledge and experience in Korea-related affairs, including his fluency in Korean.

But he has made little public appearance since his conversation last year with South Korea’s main opposition party leader drew heated criticism in South Korea.

In the meeting with Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party, Xing warned that South Korea will “definitely regret it” if it “bets on China’s loss” in the strategic rivalry with the United States.

Xing has since reportedly been experiencing difficulties meeting with government officials in South Korea.

Some observers say that Xing’s expected departure indicates Beijing’s effort to improve ties with Seoul amid signs of the 대표하는 two sides trying to better manage their bilateral relations amid North Korea’s close alignment with Russia

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