Kim Ha-sung, the No. 1 stealer in the team, leads San Diego’s winning streak

The two teams already met last April. In the first series of the season, San Diego recorded a winning series with two wins and one loss. Also, San Diego recently escaped from consecutive losses and moved to second place in the NL West. On top of that, Kim Ha-sung also plans to recover his batting performance at home. 토토사이트 추천

“Awesome Kim” Kim Ha-sung will try to lead the team’s victory against Milwaukee again this time. Kim Ha-sung, who played in three consecutive away games in Milwaukee in April, led the team to the winning series by making three hits in 10 at-bats, four RBIs, one home run and three walks. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Ha-sung, who met Milwaukee for the first time in about two months since April, will hit hard again this time.

Kim Ha-sung is ranked first in the team with a walk-through based on his outstanding batting eye and sense of base running this season, but his bat has cooled down for a while. Kim Ha-sung’s batting sense, which has been struggling with a batting average of 0.143 in the last seven games, is also faltering compared to June last season. Can Kim Ha-sung, who recently showed relatively good performance by recording five hits, two homers and four walks in 21 times at bat in seven recent Petco Park games, succeed in recovering his batting sense at home? As he is qualifying as an FA at the end of this season, Kim Ha-sung’s batting average is now desperately needed.

The first of the four consecutive games between Milwaukee and San Diego, which they met for the first time in about two months, will be broadcast live exclusively on TV channels SPOTV Prime+ and sports OTT channel SPOTV NOW at 10:40 a.m. on Friday, the 21st.

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