Bellagio Reveals New Room Experience

Ready to elevate the Las Vegas-set luxury hospitality once again, Bellagio is bringing a refreshing new room design and upgraded room amenities to match the trend of sophisticated and modern travel. 메이저 토토사이트

The new design, which includes all 2,568 rooms in the resort’s main tower, is inspired by the movement of the water, the beauty of nature, and the vibrant reflection of the light seen on the sunrise and set. Featuring a luxurious large shower, dual sink, built-in cabinet, and activity table, Bellagio’s new rooms reflect the thoughtful use of each space.

“Velagio visitors are one of the most recognizable travelers in the world, and we want to ensure that our rooms meet their needs and desires for years to come,” said Ann Hope, Bellagio’s president. “As the world returns to travel in the months and years to come, Bellagio will have this fabulous new room offering as well as health and safety protocols throughout the resort to ensure that guests feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.”

Both design plans, created by Getty’s Group, a Chicago-based interior design company, in partnership with MGM Resorts International Design Group, are inspired by Bellagio’s famous fountains and highlight the nuances of nature and light as a whole. The Premier King Room features a blue palette that reflects the sky just before sunrise, while the Premier to Queen Room is designed around a yellow tone inspired by the sky at sunset. Both designs include strong and bold elements that comfort and soothe guests who start or end the day.

Ben Nicholas, the Getys Group’s principal, said, “When tasked with redesigning the rooms at such an iconic resort, we wanted the design to transcend cultures and speak to an international audience. We were inspired by water that is synonymous with Bellagio and incorporates light and natural elements to create a space that makes guests feel at home.”

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