AvatarUX to introduce new terraced technician to Zempops

Award-winning slot studio avatar UX has launched a new mechanic for its new title, Zempops.

All spins start with variable reel heights, which can be as small as three reels or as high as seven positions. There is also a reel multiplier assigned to each individual, which increases with each symbol multiplier. A multiplier is awarded each time the maximum height is reached on base play.

According to the iconic Poppins™ (PopWins™) associated with Avatar UX, the Popscade mechanic sees all the victory symbols disappear, and the new symbols cascade down from reinforced reels to empty cells rather than ‘popping’.

Three or more diamond bonus symbols trigger the free spin mode. Here, players can use the Gamble Wheel to increase their spin and get a higher starting multiplier.

During the bonus period, the Xpops are triggered and the symbols explode by random quantities ranging from 1 to 4 times, while if a special bomb lands on the reel, it can be unlocked up to 3 turns.

In pre-spin mode, when the reel is unlocked to full height, the accompanying multiplier is transferred to the total multiplier amount, further increasing the multiplier potential.

Zempops also includes both purchase bonuses and ante betting option in certain areas, further enhancing player engagement.

The game will initially be directly integrated and available exclusively by Avatar UX’s partners, and will later be released worldwide. 바카라

Nicola Longmuir, CEO of Avatar UX, said, “We are excited to launch Zempops, incorporating several exciting new mechanisms that further explore extended spins and extended paylines across all spins.

“We have made it our mission to create attractive and forward-looking games, mechanics and products, and this is another example of the progress we are taking as a slot studio.”

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