Australian Commission to crack down on club sponsorship practices

Victoria’s Gambling and Casino Control Board (VGCCC) is aware that some online betting providers are entering into sponsorship agreements with sports clubs to link financial incentives to each member of the club they join, encouraging members to create accounts with providers. The club sometimes receives additional incentives based on the expenditure of its members.

The VGCCC requires betting service providers to stop promoting their products in this way, as it is not only inconsistent with social licenses to minimize losses, but could also violate the law.

Under Section 4.7.10 of the Gambling Regulations Act 2003, providers are prohibited from offering credit, vouchers, rewards or other benefits as an incentive to open an account or to encourage others to open an account.

The VGCCC requires gambling providers not only the minimum wording of the law, but also their social licenses. 파칭코사이트인포

Sports clubs should be mindful of community expectations surrounding motivating members and potentially junior members to gamble. We encourage sports clubs to refrain from entering into such sponsorship agreements that can harm members and constitute illegal acts by betting providers.

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