“You can’t run, come out, come out!”…He’s limping, but he refuses to go out → In the end, tears, what do we do with Tottenham

Tottenham beat Bournemouth 3-1 in the 20th round of the Premier League (PL) held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England, at 11 p.m. on Dec. 31 (Korea time). Having won this match, Tottenham, which ranked fourth, trailed Arsenal by one point.

Tottenham could not afford to take care of only the joy of its victory. Pape Mata Sarr and Bellis, the future of the team, were injured at the same time. Pape Sarr was found to have a hamstring injury, and it does not appear to be a serious injury as he walked alone when leaving the stadium. The reason for the tears is presumed to be because he was worried that his upcoming participation in the Africa Cup of Nations could not be missed.

The problem is Bellis. Ahead of this season, Bellis recruited Tottenham with high expectations. Born in 2003, Bellis showed potential in Argentina and Tottenham chose him as the next striker. Bellis, who started receiving opportunities early this season as his team’s injuries continued, scored a goal after receiving a pass from Son Heung-min in the last match against Brighton. Bellis, who played against Bournemouth thanks to his performance against Brighton, seems to have suffered a serious injury.

Bellis collided with an opponent while attempting to shoot from the penalty box in the 42nd minute of the second half, when he suffered a strong knee shock. Bellis continued to try to play despite the injury he could not even walk properly. There were also scenes where Hishalisson, Giovanni Lo Celso, and Enze Postecoglou shouted for Bellis to get off the field immediately because if Bellis played more, his injury could have worsened.

Belis showed his willingness to play despite the pressure from people around him, knowing that Tottenham no longer had a substitute card. Belis was in a state where he could not play anymore. Belis ended up in tears after he fell to the ground. He seemed to have sensed that it was a serious injury.

Belis, who eventually came out of the stadium with the medical staff, began to cry. Coach Postecoglou hugged him, and Lo Celso and Rodrigo Bentancur continued to comfort him, but the tears did not stop. Fortunately, although he walked in person, Belis still limped along.

Bellis was highly anticipated as he was also named a promising candidate to shine for Tottenham in 2024, but his injury caused him to start 2024 with a difficult start to the year. The exact extent of Bellis’ injury is still unknown. 무료 슬롯

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