Werner said in an interview with Tottenham, “First of all, I’m very happy to come to Tottenham.

I moved to a very big club. I’ve already played against Tottenham many times. Whether it was playing for Chelsea or Leipzig, to face Tottenham was a very big game. Now I’m happy to be a part of Tottenham and I’m really looking forward to it,” he said in a statement.

He admitted that his conversations with Enze Postecoglou were important in his transfer. He said, “Most of all, a lot of things led me in my conversations with the coach. It was a really good conversation. Postecoglou immediately explained how I felt like I was a necessary player for Tottenham, how I wanted to feel in the conversation, how I wanted to play football and how I let my team play football. I thought it suited me perfectly.”

Postecoglou said in a pre-press conference, “As Sonny (Son Heung-min’s nickname) has been away for a long time, I thought we needed another player for the final third. The center back was a priority, but I wanted to move quickly if the opportunity arises. I had a conversation with Johan Lange, the technical director, and I thought Werner would fit our team well in style.”

He continued, “Berner can play all three positions, left, right and center, adding depth and quality to the front. I was really motivated and loved the opportunity at Tottenham. Sonny was away and Dejan Kulusevski has been used as a side and attacking midfielder due to injuries. Werner has the flexibility to play in any position depending on the game. It was attractive to be able to play in any position.” 토토사이트 순위

Dragushin is also wearing a Tottenham uniform. Romanian center back Dragushin is from Juventus. When his playing time was limited at Juventus, he gained experience on loan in Sampdoria and Salernitana to improve his skills. The next destination was Genoa. After making a complete transfer on loan last season, he stayed in Genoa. After playing for Genoa for two seasons, Italy’s Serie A is drawing keen attention as a center back.

“Dragushin is a rear build-up leader in Genoa. He has a very high rate of success in tackling and has dribbled throughout this season. He ranks first in the center-back competition (58 times) and second in clearing (82 times). He boasts of fairly good covering ability. As a defender, he is a warrior and sweeps the backside. One of his strengths is not to be afraid of competition. With good coaching, he can become a better player. Dragushin will follow Coach Postecoglou’s soccer well. He has shown good performances as a native of Juventus (Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur) came to Tottenham, and Dragushin can be one of them.”

Bayern Munich tried to hijack Dragushin, but the Dragushin option was Tottenham. “Our player has decided to respect and believe in Tottenham’s promise. Everyone is shocked that they turned down Munich,” the Dragushin agent said. The Dragushin deal included Jed Spence’s loan to Genoa. Dragushin came and Eric Dier went to Bayern Munich. Munich, which was as urgent as Tottenham, brought Dier in to fill the gap.

Dyer, who has been named Tottenham’s defensive leader after Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld, was considered a key player after the two left. Sometimes he showed brilliant performances, but he showed the worst defensive performance, and was blamed for Tottenham’s collapse last season. Postecoglou completely excluded Dyer and formed a defensive line. Christian Romero and Mickey van der Pen formed the main center back line. Dyer was not deployed even after both were injured at the same time. Regarding Dyer’s future, Postecoglou said, “I don’t know. He is not on my radar. Dyer has a contract with Tottenham and is controlling his fate.” In the end, Dyer left Tottenham after 10 years.

Dyer said in Munich, “My goals are the same as the team’s. I think our goals are the same. I came here to win. My goal is to help the team succeed as much as possible. (Not playing often for Tottenham) was the decision of the club and the manager, and I accepted that. I always put a lot of effort into keeping myself in shape, and I have done so over the past few months and I am in good shape. When you join these big clubs, there is always a fierce competition for a place. I am looking forward to playing with the whole team. We have great strikers on the team. I am also looking forward to playing against them on the training ground.”

Meanwhile, Dragushin said in a joining interview, “I can say that I decided to join after hearing about Tottenham. After thinking a lot and considering all aspects, I think it is the best choice for my career. I was looking forward to joining Tottenham because I knew it had a huge fan base and great staff and players. I had already made the decision in my heart. It’s amazing. I didn’t imagine all this, and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and playing on the pitch. First of all, basically, Manager Enze Postecoglou said he wanted me to join the club, that he liked the way I played, and that he thought I would fit into this team well. It definitely helped me, and as soon as I talked to the manager, I felt a really good bond.”

“I like soccer like this, with a high defensive line, aggressive, and a lot of room at the back to defend. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a big step for me, but I feel like it’s the right step. I want to play the best level of football my whole life, and I want to play in the Premier League, so I can say that all my dreams have come true, and I’m excited. I’m ready to take on the challenge. I’ve always loved the intensity of this league, the physicality of this league, and I think it’s a really good league to grow and expand my career. I’m really happy to be here, really excited, and I want to step on the pitch as soon as possible,” he said. Dragushin’s number is six, which was worn by Nabil Bentaleb, Tom Huddleston, and Davinson Sanchez.

Dragucin was welcomed, but his agent’s interview became controversial. The agent said, “Of course, Dragucin thought about Munich’s offer. We made a decision in the morning, and it’s not easy to make that choice. Munich strongly wanted him, but the official offer only came last night. There was more money in Munich, but he said it was the right step for his career. We thought all night, and I couldn’t sleep at all. Both Napoli and AC Milan wanted him. But Dragucin dreamed of playing in the Premier League since he was a little boy. In three to four years, you will see Dragucin at Real Madrid. We are only just beginning, and we hope to reach the best club in the world. Munich is one of the biggest clubs, but his dream is either Real or Barcelona,” which has sparked controversy among fans.

Along with Werner and Dragucin, news of Romero’s return to injury stood out. Van de Pence has completed his return to injury. In the third round of the English FA Cup against Burnley, he was listed on the bench. He did not force himself to play. Romero was also set to make an early return. He was originally expected to miss about a month. As a result, Romero was expected to return to England’s FA Cup match against Manchester City. However, according to The Athletic, Romero recovered quickly. Werner will start and Dragucin will start on the bench. Van de Pence and Romero were the starting players and defended their defense.

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