“We shouldn’t be satisfied,” said Ryu Jung-il, the manager of the South Korean national team after leading them to the runner-up spot at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) 2023.”There are some things that our players did well, but (objectively) they were no match for the Japanese,” Ryu told reporters after returning home from Gimpo Airport on Tuesday. South Korea advanced to the final with a 2-1 qualifying record before falling to Japan 3-4 in an upset. Their one loss in the preliminaries was also to Japan, 1-2.Ryu emphasized that even though it was a one-point game on the surface, the individual capabilities of the Korean team were far inferior to those of the Japanese players. “We have the same body type, so why can they throw a ball at 145 kilometers per hour and it looks like 150 kilometers per hour, and we can throw a ball at 150 kilometers per hour and it doesn’t end,” he confessed. He mentioned the need to benchmark Japanese baseball training methods, which emphasize flexibility.

“Restraint is not strength but flexibility, and Japan does a lot of weight training to develop pelvic and shoulder rotation,” Ryu said, “I hope our players will open their eyes to that and train a lot. “In particular, he singled out Jung Hae-young (KIA Tigers), who played the final game of the tournament, and scolded him, saying, “There was little difference in his skills from before. In the batting lineup, he said that they lacked the resources to form a “cleanup trio” with No. 4 hitter Noh Shi-hwan (Hanwha Eagles).”If you have a player like Lee Jung-hoo, he’s perfect for the No. 3 spot,” Liu said, “so I think we need to look at the center field a little bit. “Liu also expressed his belief that the team should play as many young players as possible in its next international tournament, the Premier 12 next November. The APBC is limited to players who are “24 years old or younger or in their third year of professional play,” except for wildcards .”There is no age limit for the Premier 12, so we will have to select the best players from the KBO, but even so, I think we should focus on younger players,” 무료슬롯게임 Ryu said, adding, “We have to look ahead to the 2028 Olympics.”

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