‘We haven’t agreed!’ Mbappe announces Real transfer “nothing has been decided”…”Nothing can affect me”

European football transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano released a statement from the camp consisting of Mbappe’s aides on his personal SNS on the 8th (Korea Standard Time).

According to Romano’s disclosure, Mbappe’s aides said, “There is no agreement on Mbappe’s future. There is no discussion about his future,” adding that the recently reported transfer agreement to Real Madrid was not true. 온라인카지노사이트

“No type of influence can dictate the timing of Mbappe’s discussions, reflections and decisions,” he said, adding that Mbappe has not yet made a decision.

Mbappe was previously informed of his agreement with Real through France’s Foot Mercato. Foot Mercato said, “Mbappe recently agreed to move his nest to Real Madrid,” adding, “The drama could end. There have been constant rumors and an extension with PSG that surprised the world since Real’s magnificent offer in 2019. However, the contract has only been postponed for a year, and attention has once again been paid to what path Mbappe will take in recent weeks,” referring to the news of Mbappe’s transfer.

Regarding the agreement with Real, Mbappe said, “Mbappe wants to take control of the situation. Progress has been made with certainty. According to news reports, Mbappe reached an agreement with Real a few days ago. After years of stupid games and annoying the Spanish media, Mbappe decided to agree to join Real this time. Real welcomed Mbappe willingly, even though he seemed tired of the move through the media.”

Spanish media also reported on the contact between Real and Mbappe. Marca of Spain said, “Real will meet with Mbappe. Real will consider reaching an agreement as soon as possible to recruit Mbappe in the summer if he gets a positive response from Mbappe.” Sports media The Athletic also said Real had given Mbappe an ultimatum, adding, “He made it clear that if Mbappe wants to join, he has to give an answer by mid-January.”

However, with the announcement of Mbappe’s aides this time, Mbappe’s trip to Real has returned to square one. This was not the first time Mbappe had gone through this process. Mbappe was likely to go to Real even before the 2022-2023 season, but he eventually stayed at PSG. It seemed that his trip to Real was approaching ahead of this season, but he said he would decide after staying in one season.

With this announcement, the current team PSG, the leading destination Real, and the English Premier League (EPL) clubs, which are paying attention to Mbappe’s decision, have also reviewed the possibility and continued to pay attention to Mbappe’s decision.

Mbappe was already in the public eye last summer when he announced his transfer plan. Mbappe’s stated plan at the time was to leave PSG on a free agent. After announcing that he had no intention of signing an extension with the club, Mbappe indicated that he would play for PSG until the 2023-2024 season and then leave the club after his contract expired. PSG was opposed. Initially, PSG continued to hold Mbappe to stay, who was shaken by Real’s offer ahead of the 2022-2023 season, but in this transfer window, Mbappe immediately carried out the sale plan when he revealed that he had no intention of extending his contract.

Mbappe, however, was adamant. He maintained his intention to transfer to Saudi Arabia only as a free agent. According to Fabrizio Romano, a European soccer transfer market expert, Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal reportedly offered Mbappe 300 million euros (425.5 billion dollars) in transfer fees and 700 million euros in annual salary. However, Mbappe refused to go to Saudi Arabia, refusing to negotiate.

Since then, Mbappe has suffered humiliation as he was demoted to the second team and almost fell apart between the club and the players, but it was dramatically sealed by the efforts of PSG and Luis Enrique. After all, Mbappe has been playing for PSG this season and is concentrating on a season that may be his last in Paris.

However, speculation continued over his destination. Spanish media outlet Lelebo said: ‘Nothing is closed yet. Mbappe is close to agreeing to be with PSG until 2024, and he has reportedly given up most of his bonuses and will not renew his contract. Mbappe will therefore keep his word. He has repeatedly said he will remain with the team until next summer in respect of his contract with PSG.’

“Mbappe did not want to live a tense life ahead of the UEFA Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympics. Moreover, the club designed the squad with colleagues Mbappe wanted except for Neymar and Lionel Messi, so he felt the club’s gesture of reconciliation. Mbappe’s plan is still to head to Real next year,” he said, explaining that many external and internal factors worked at the same time to stay this season.

There was also news that PSG had offered Mbappe a bigger deal for him to renew his contract. Forbes said, “PSG has offered Mbappe a 10-year contract worth €1 billion.” If Mbappe, who is considering a move to Real Madrid, accepts the offer, he will be the highest paid player in the history of the sport. He has been offered a strong offer to top Forbes world salary list every year.”

However, Mbappe declined to comment on his destination in a recent interview. “This year, I’m very motivated. It’s a very important time. I already got one as I love to win. I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t. But I talked to the club president this summer about the contract. Regardless of my decision, we are trying to protect each other and keep the club calm. If I know what I’m going to do, I won’t drag it out,” he said in an ambiguous response.

Meanwhile, it is expected that it will be more difficult to predict which team Mbappe will choose at the time of the decision, as Mbappe will be able to choose a new option rather than transferring to Real or staying at PSG.

The Times, a leading British newspaper, said, “PSG star Mbappe was not impressed by Real’s attempt to force him to sign a pre-contract. Since then, he has been looking for other options, including a transfer to the English Premier League (EPL),” adding that Mbappe could seek a transfer to the EPL rather than Real.

Talk Sports in the U.K. also said, “Real has set a deadline of January 15 for Mbappe to agree to a transfer. This has set Mbappe in a different direction. He revealed to his friends that he might not decide on his future as Real. For now, it seems that Mbappe has rejected their offer, and he is weighing up his future and looking for a possible transfer to the EPL.” He explained, “He was close to signing a contract with Liverpool in the past, and it was revealed that he had conversations with Manchester United before moving to PSG.”

Mbappe’s trip to Real has returned to the starting point due to Mbappe’s confidant’s denial of the transfer decision. The later Mbappe’s decision is made, the greater the expectations of soccer fans.

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