“We have respect…” Javed Miranda’s Explanation After ‘India Can Go To Hell’ Remarks

“India could go to hell” after news previously reported that the national team would not travel to Pakistan for the Asian Cup. Former Pakistan cricket team captain Jabd Miranda has saved a lot of controversy after his remarks about India refusing to travel to Pakistan for the 2023 Asian Cup. Miranda said ‘India can go to hell’ for the position taken at the ACC meeting and was criticized by people from both countries. In a video released on YouTube by the former Pakistani captain, he provided some clarification for his remarks and said India’s non-travel to Pakistan would not affect the host country in any way. He went on to say that cricket relations between the two countries should be fixed as soon as possible and that it would have been a positive message for India to travel for the Asian Cup.

“Do you know what hell means? If you don’t want to play, just don’t. We don’t have a problem. Ask Indian cricketers. They will also say that there should be cricket between these two teams in their country. It will benefit both countries,” he said in the video. “If they think there’s any difference in not coming to Pakistan, I’ll tell you otherwise. That’s what I mean. We are independent. Pakistan has produced world-class cricketers as well as hockey players. Everywhere in the world, neighboring countries are playing against each other.” 바카라

India and Pakistan last faced off at the 2022 T20 World Cup, winning with four wickets. Miandad said the Indo-Pakistan series is what fans expect and could also help improve relations between the two countries. “We used to go there before and they would come here. When India came to Pakistan to watch the series, there were many people who visited to see their good relationship between the two countries, and they were not invited to their hotel

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