Vegas resort fees and parking skyrocket

With record profits coming in, some Las Vegas casinos decided now was the time to raise resort fees and parking fees. The Las Vegas holidays can cost some resorts more than $200 than they did two weeks ago. 스포츠토토

Is this why you don’t like the cost of the resort in Las Vegas? You’re not the only one. Resorts have been hated by travelers for years, and they don’t pay you one bit, whether you like them or not. Most people would argue that the cost should be included in the price because it’s deceptive. And now the federal government agrees, as if it would help. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission has begun work on resolving these unfair and deceptive charges. They believe that non-transparent and unavoidable charges, such as how resort fees are implemented, should change. And while this may sound like a wish for consumers, be careful what you want.

Although the government may be able to put an end to these resort fees, our experience with big companies tells us that they will have lawyers find ways to move them elsewhere. When that happens, consumers usually end up paying more before then. Resort fees are rising to $37 per night at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino and Luxor Hotel and Casino, and $42 per night at New York-New York Hotel and Casino and Park MGM. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and Delano rose to $45, while Aria Resort and Casino, Vdara, The Bellagio, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas all rose to $50 per night.

Of course, the Las Vegas resort fees weren’t the only ones in the news. It never seems like enough for some people, and Las Vegas parking fees are a perfect example. It’s not enough for the city to make more than $1 billion for the 33rd consecutive month. And it’s not enough for them to just increase their resort fees. Now, they’re also increasing their parking. There was a time when the New City Resort allowed guests to park for free, like most regular hotels across the United States. It was a small way for them to show customer appreciation. But now, Vegas parking fees are charged at almost every casino in the neighborhood, so visitors have to pay the privilege of parking their cars.

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