Times Square Casino Proposed Strongly Opposed by Influential Broadway Group

The Shubert Organization, one of the most influential members of the Broadway League, is strongly opposed to the idea of opening a casino in Times Square. The plan was first proposed by Manhattan-based developers SL Green’s and Caesars Entertainment Incorporated.

Last month, the Broadway League, a group of theater owners and producers, reported the proposal as “harmful” to the city and Times Square. The proposal was supported by some of New York’s most influential people, including Actors Equity, Carmines, the owner of Virgil’s and Juniors cheesecake restaurants, and former police commissioner Bill Bratton.

He also voiced support by pointing out that one more casino would not cause any damage and would only benefit the region.

However, no matter what, Schubert’s officials won’t budge! 카지노사이트위키

Last week, in a podcast, Schubert’s vice president of real estate Julio Peterson said the Broadway League’s opinion about opening a casino inside SL Green’s 1515 Broadway Office Tower “will confuse theater fans, and we don’t think it’s best for our region.”

Also, he did not object to the proposal to open a large casino in the city, just said to open a casino in Times Square.

“I don’t think about Broadway’s long-term solution and sustainability, and I think we need to protect it without getting lost in immediate satisfaction,” he said.

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