“This is really two servings.” France’s third-division goalkeeper defended PK in the 45th minute of the second half, A dramatic equalizer in extra time

On the 10th (Korea time), British media ‘Daily Mail’ highlighted a rare scene from the French third division.

The official name of the French third division is Champional Nacional. France’s third division is not a professional but a semi-professional stage. Since the French stage adopts a promotion system, it is of course possible to be promoted to the second division. Players who usually dream of becoming professionals are playing for the Champional Nacional. 안전놀이터

The scene delivered by “Daily Mail” came out in the eighth round of the Shangpional Nacional on the 30th (Korea time). At that time, third-division team US Abranche met GOAL FC and drew 1-1.

A miracle came to goalkeeper Anthony Böw, who started the day. In the 44th minute of the second half, when Abranche was trailing 0-1, Abranche contributed a penalty kick (PK) to his opponent. The opposing kicker kicked a Panenka kick against Böw, and Böw defended PK with the ball in his arms.

The miracle continued. In extra time in the second half, Abranche got a free kick near the opponent’s penalty box. It was actually the last chance. At this time, Böw emptied the Abranche goal and participated in the attack. Abranche’s free-kick went to Boeb’s head, leading to a dramatic equaliser.

After the game, French media “L’Equipe” selects the best team with French nationality at the end of each round of European soccer. On top of that, Böw was named in the goalkeeper position.

The players on the list were Real Madrid’s Chouameni and Inter Milan’s Thuram, who played in the European big leagues. Böw’s brilliant defense and valuable equaliser were recognised.

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