“This is going to happen?”‘ Premier League, which ate and ate 20 clubs, ‘Son Heung-min’s main appearance’

PL said on its secretariat website on the 22nd (Korea time), “Let’s find out why this season is already unpredictable. Any club can win the game, with Arsenal and Tottenham Hupper unbeaten. The “wheel of win” shows unpredictable competition. From Manchester City catching Brighton to kneeling at Wolverhampton. “Check the wheel of the game,” he shared the graphic.

An interesting record was born as Arsenal and Tottenham’s unbeaten record was broken. From Manchester City, the defending champion and leader, to Burnley, who has been at the bottom since promotion, all 20 clubs are eaten and eaten. It can be interpreted that the competition is fierce.

The post was well received with more than 400,000 “likes.” But the public sentiment is not very good. It was a look at Liverpool, which was defeated by Tottenham after a VAR controversy, and Arsenal, who were on their knees by Newcastle United. Fans commented, “Arnal and Liverpool were robbed,” “The two teams are still unbeaten,” “The most exciting league with the worst referees,” and “Everyone suffers from shocking VAR and terrible referees.” 슬롯머신

PL is the biggest league in the world. According to soccer statistics media “Transfermarkt,” the total amount of 20 clubs is 11.4 billion euros (about 16.2129 trillion won) from Manchester City, which has a total of 1.26 billion euros (1.78 trillion won) to Luton Town, which has a total amount of 87.2 million euros (about 123.6 billion won). It is by far the most overwhelming among the five major leagues in Europe.

As such, all the world classes that are famous are competing. In Manchester City, Erling Holland, who will succeed the so-called “Menaldo era,” will endure. Arsenal will be flanked by Bukayo Saka, who is called England’s future. For Tottenham, South Korea’s national team Son Heung-min is playing as a captain and living legend. When it comes to making a name on the main stage, it is the flow of gathering in PL.

PL resumes after the A-match break. Round 13 also has many big matches. Manchester City, led by Pep Guardiola, and Liverpool (11. 25. 21:30), led by Jurgen Klopp, will clash. The showdown between Chelsea, the original oil money, and Newcastle, the emerging powerhouse (11.26. 00:00) is also noteworthy.

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