There’s a reason why I was chosen by the LA Dodgers!

Prior to the game, Ryu Joong-il expressed his intention to use Jang Hyun-seok (LA Dodgers), the only “amateur” player on the national team entry, as a starting pitcher in a showdown with Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, and Singapore, rather than important games such as Taiwan and Japan. He didn’t have many chances to take the mound as a starting pitcher in high school, but manager Ryu Joong-il judged that Jang Hyun-seok was closer to a starter than Bulben.

Jang Hyun-suk stood on the mound as the third pitcher for the national team after Kwak Bin (3 innings) and Won Tae-in (2 innings). Jang Hyun-seok threw a 153km fastball from the first pitch against the first batter Kim Ji-chan and drew his first out count by dealing with a ground ball to the second base with a 154km fastball on the second pitch. And against Kim Dong-heon, the follow-up hitter, he struck out by hitting a 153km fastball with a winning shot after a game of seven pitches.

Although he is the only amateur to join the national team and has no experience in the Taegeuk mark so far, Jang Hyun-seok was not at all discouraged against his “seniors.” Jang Hyun-seok threw a 140-kilometer breaking ball and a 152-kilometer fastball to Chun Sung-ho in the absence of two outs to score an advantage, and struck out once again with a 127-kilometer downtown ball after a five-pitch match to end the inning without losing a point. 바카라

On the same day, Jang Hyun-suk pitched 14 pitches and struck out two and allowed no runs in one inning. In particular, Jang Hyun-seok threw eight straight balls out of 14 pitches, with the maximum speed of 154km, the minimum speed of 152km, and the average speed of 153km recorded on the electronic display of Gocheok Sky Dome. In addition, he proved how he was able to win a contract with the LA Dodgers by mixing breaking balls in the 120km range and 140km range.

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