The “youngest” did it…Women’s Archery Han Si-hyun Beat Ansan to Win ‘Three Gold Prizes’ for the First Time in 37 Years

In the individual women’s recurve archery competition at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at Fuyang Inok Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 7th, Il-Hyun won the gold medal by beating Ansan (29-26 29-26 29-28) with a set score of 6-0. 토토사이트

Il Sung-hyun got off to a good start by shooting 10 points from his first foot in the first set. Ansan gave up the lead with its second arrow hitting eight points. On the first turn, Il-Hyun took the score first, 29-26. Ansan also scored eight consecutive points in the second set, shaking.

On the other hand, Ji Il-hyun was unwavering. Il Sung won again with 10 points for the second straight time. In the third set, Il Sung-hyun started with 10 points, while Ansan scored nine points for the second straight time. Il Sung-hyun won the gold medal.

Ji Il-hyun is the “strongest youngest” of the women’s national team. He ranked first in the national team selection competition and also ranked first in the ranking round. He was qualified to compete in individual, mixed, and team events. He already won the gold medal in the mixed event with Lee Woo-suk (Kolon).

On the 6th, he won another gold medal in the team event with Ansan and Choi Mi-sun (Gwangju Bank). She also achieved a feat of seven consecutive wins in the women’s team events. She then won the individual competition on the last day of archery, standing tall as a female archery powerhouse in name and reality.

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