The urgent SSG sign and trade Lee Ji-young recruitment story…It didn’t work out enough to give me the nomination

The two catchers, who both qualified as free agents after the 2023 season, had a starkly mixed joy and sorrow. Lee Ji-young (38) announced a new start by getting an opportunity, while Kim Min-sik’s FA negotiation strategy was twisted in an unexpected scenario. Kiwoom succeeded by earning key nominations, and SSG, although it gave them the right to nominate, quickly got a player who could be a mentor to young catchers.

The SSG Landers and Kiwoom Heroes announced Wednesday the signing-and-trade of veteran catcher Lee Ji-young. SSG officially announced that it had acquired catcher Lee Ji-young in a trade with the Kiwoom Heroes on condition of 250 million won (222,000 U.S. dollars) in cash and a third-round pick in 2025. At the same time, Kiwoom also briefly announced the deal that Lee was traded. The possibility that they had only expected or expected a scenario in theory became a reality. The dormant FA market has also had a big stir. 바카라

Lee was signed and traded after completing an annual salary contract worth 400 million won (390,000 dollars) for two years prior to the deal. The main focus is 350 million won (322,000 dollars) in annual salary and 50 million won (422,000 dollars) in incentives. In other words, SSG recruited Lee with a two-year total of 650 million won (622,000 dollars) and a third round draft pick in 2025.

SSG expects Lee to lead the team’s catcher who has been reorganized into youth. “We pushed for this trade to strengthen the catcher’s presence and stabilize the pitching staff,” SSG said in a press release. “Lee Ji-young has accumulated experience as a catcher by playing in 1,270 games in his career, and has excellent batting ability as well as recording a career batting average of 0.280, 942 hits, and 368 RBIs as a batter.” In particular, Lee Ji-young is known to be a player with good durability and steady skills, playing around 100 games every year since 2013.

“Lee Ji-young joined the Samsung Lions as a nurturing player in 2008 and later grew into the team’s main player, helping them win three Korean Series titles.” He explained Lee’s career, saying, “In particular, in 2022, he contributed greatly to Kiwoom’s postseason performance by starting all games from the semi-playoff to the Korean Series, and in 2023, he was selected as a member of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team.”

SSG expects Lee Ji-young, who has 16 years of exemplary career and excellent skills, to lead the team’s pitching staff and be a good mentor to young catchers, it said, expecting more than just her best performance. SSG’s Park Dae-on (29), Shin Bum-soo (26), and Cho Hyung-woo (22), who have been confirmed as catchers this year, all have no experience playing full-time in the first division as catchers in their 20s. Although Lee Ji-young is old, it is expected that she will still be able to play in the first division.

Then why on earth did SSG choose Lee Ji-young as a surprise card? The key was that negotiations with Kim Min-sik (35), an internal free agent, did not go smoothly. SSG General Manager Kim Jae-hyun also admitted the deal by phone with Spotv News shortly after the trade deal. Kim Min-sik failed to narrow the difference in negotiations, and discussed the trade with Lee in the new year, and ultimately ended up recruiting Lee due to Kiwoom’s circumstances.

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