The success rate of free throws drops by 72.1% → 56.5%

Ha Yoon-ki is a large doll that stirs his arms when the opponent’s free throw begins in the third quarter.

In the afternoon of the 23rd, a stick balloon doll shaped like Ha Yoon-ki rises and shakes his arm when the opponent player attempts a free throw in the third quarter of the “2022-2023 SKT A-Dot” professional basketball match between Suwon KT and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation.

In front of KT Sonic Boom’s home goalpost, the steps become busy in the third quarter. Immediately, an operation to interfere with the opponent’s free throw begins.

An official from KT Sonic Boom said, “After the relocation of the hometown last year, college student Frontiers and secretariat employees thought.” I came up with this idea when I saw a dancing doll that is often used at restaurants and opening events.

Regarding the installation direction and start time, he said, “It will be installed in front of the stands because the third and fourth quarters are going toward the home goal, and Ha Yoon-ki, the main character of the stick balloon, chose Ha Yoon-ki as a model for last year’s All-Star Game.”

“The effect is not great, but I prepared to help the team even a little in the second half of the game. Some teams don’t want to use it, so some teams don’t use it,” he said.

Thanks to such efforts, Korea Gas Corporation succeeded in 16 out of 29 free throws, showing a 59.2% success rate. In particular, in the third quarter, when Ha Yoon-ki’s balloon came up, he succeeded in 9 out of 16 free throws, and in the fourth quarter, he succeeded in 4 out of 7 free throws, showing a success rate of 57%. 바카라사이트

Compared to the Korea Gas Corporation’s 71.2% free throw success rate this season, the figure is certainly low. It cannot be concluded that it is necessarily due to Ha Yoon-ki’s stick balloon doll, but it worked as a result.

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