The Rapid Fire DB Dilemma

A professional basketball starting DB is never satisfied. The team has a dominant lead with only three losses (17 wins) this season, but they are not stopping their efforts to improve.

This is exemplified by DB head coach Kim Joo-sung, who criticized the team after their 88-83 win over Anyang’s Chung Kwan-jang on October 10, saying, “I’m disappointed in our players.” Jung Kwan-jang is a nemesis of DB, 스포츠토토 which snapped an 11-game losing streak and won its first back-to-back games since March 28, 2021. Despite overcoming the odds with Kim Jong-kyu’s unexpected injury and Kang Sang-jae’s departure, Muk Han’s comments were self-reflective under the microscope.

The one thing that Kim lamented, as if he were a captain, was the mistakes. He meant that the reason why DB was able to win a hard-fought game with an 18-point lead at one point was inside, not outside. “Today, we made a lot of mistakes (12), which gave us a chance to drag the game to the end,” Kim said.

Kim wasn’t just expressing disappointment over one full game. DB is averaging 11.2 errors per game this season, second worst in the 10-team league behind last-place Seoul Samsung (12.1).

The problem is that DB’s mistakes come on the fast break. They try to quickly release the ball after a successful defense and end up losing the ball to the opponent. To reduce the number of mistakes, they shouldn’t play less fast breaks, but that would be giving up one of their strengths. DB leads the league in fast breaks with an average of 5.9 per game.

Kim believes that the solution to reducing mistakes lies in the players’ concentration. He uses video conferencing to catch the most common mistakes, and he’s not shy about criticizing repeated mistakes. It’s a double-edged sword, reducing errors while not giving up fastballs.

“I want the players to be more mature. If they play a little more carefully, they will be able to utilize the fastball and make fewer mistakes,” Kim said.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kyu, who injured his ankle in the first game, seems to have avoided a major injury. Kim Jong-kyu left the court early in the third quarter after injuring his ankle while blocking a breakaway by Park Ji-hoon. Fortunately, he underwent a medical examination on the 11th, and the joints and ligaments were not injured. The team will decide when he can return depending on his recovery.

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