The Japanese media raised objections, “The Korean media is making a difference between the Japanese national team…”There’s no problem with Gubo”

The Higashi Webb reported, “Korean media reported on the Japanese national team aiming for its fifth championship, saying, ‘Japan is divided. Some players, including Kubo and Tomiyasu, have complaints against the team. However, Korea is united to win its first championship in 64 years.’ However, this is the alienation of Korean media. The Japanese team has no problem at all.” 슬롯머신

The reason was Japanese players’ remarks during an interview. In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Kubo said, “It is regrettable that the Asian Cup is held during the league. The team that pays me my salary is obviously Sociedad. However, I have a duty to participate in these tournaments. I have no choice but to go there by force.”

It could be interpreted that the performance of the team that gives money to itself is more important than that of the national team. Many Japanese fans were disappointed at Kubo’s remarks that he was forced to join the national team. “It’s a shame for the team, but it’s also true that representing the country is a very good thing,” Kubo added, but it has already hurt the fans’ feelings.

Defender Takehiro Tomiyasu (26, Arsenal), who returned from injury after all, said, “I don’t know why the Asian Cup is held in January. It’s not good for players. I hope it is held in June like the Euros.” In response, Japanese media said, “Korean media misinterpreted that Kubo is forced to join the national team. Tomiyasu simply suggested that the schedule be based on European standards. Korean media are distorting the meaning by editing a picture of a Japanese player frowning.”

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