The first “No Gold” in 12 days…Archery, female handball. Unfortunate

The Korean team was unfortunately defeated in the archery compound team event and the women’s handball final, which had been expected to win the gold medal. South Korea ended its schedule with “no gold” for the first time in 12 days since the opening of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, failing to bring gold medals from the events it believed.

On the 5th, the Korean team won two silver medals and seven bronze medals on the 5th, recording a total of 33 gold medals, 47 silver medals, and 77 bronze medals, marking third place. In second place is Japan (44 gold medals, 54 silver medals, and 60 bronze medals).

At the 2018 Jakarta and Palembang Asian Games, they jointly won gold medals side by side, and in the men’s and women’s team compound event, which was expected to win again this time, they were satisfied with the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

The men’s national team of Joo Jae-hoon (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power), Yang Jae-won (Sangmu), and Kim Jong-ho (Hyundai Steel) lost to India 230-235 in the men’s team archery compound final at the Fuyang Inok Sports Center in Hangzhou, China.

As a result, the men’s team compound event’s dream of winning two consecutive gold medals was canceled. Ju Jae-hoon, who won the silver medal in the compound mixed event the previous day, won his second silver medal in the competition.

The archery women’s compound, consisting of So Chae-won, Jo Su-ah (Hyundai Mobis), and Oh Yoo-hyun (Jeonbuk Provincial Government), lost to Taiwan in the semifinals, failing to lose three consecutive games. However, Korea won the bronze medal in the bronze medal match against Indonesia.

Women’s handball, which was proud of being the strongest in Asia, suffered a shocking defeat by Japan and failed to win three consecutive championships.

Korea was completely defeated by Japan 19-29 in the final. South Korea, which has won gold medals in seven of the past eight Asian Games and was called the No. 1 women’s handball player in the Asian Games, suffered an unexpected defeat, missing both its eighth championship and its third consecutive gold medal. 카지노사이트 순위

In addition, South Korea, which caught Japan every time in the finals of the 1994 Hiroshima Games and the 2014 Jakarta Palembang Games, allowed Japan to lose the finals for the first time. Japan, which had only three silver medals, won its first gold medal in its career.

South Korea was dragged by Japan, making frequent mistakes from the beginning. In addition, South Korea’s decisive opportunities were blocked by Japanese goalkeeper Atsuko Baba or hit the net, failing to close the gap and lowering his head.

In baseball and women’s hockey, the team won the match against Korea and Japan and soothed the disappointment of losing the women’s handball.

The national baseball team, led by head coach Ryu Joong-il, won 2-0 with Roh Si-hwan’s two RBIs in the first round of the Super Round against Japan.

Starting pitcher Park Se-woong (Lotte) did his part by blocking the Japanese batters with nine strikeouts and no runs in six innings.

South Korea (one loss accumulated), which finished the group preliminary round with two wins and one loss and came to the super round as second place in Group B, became one win and one loss overall in the super round with a victory over Korea and Japan. Korea, which won a valuable victory, will face China at the same venue on the 6th, a day later.

The women’s hockey team, led by head coach Han Jin-soo, won 4-3 in the semifinals at Hangzhou Archery Canal Sports Park, with a 2-2 match against Japan.

South Korea, which secured a silver medal, is aiming for its first Asian Games gold medal in nine years at the 2014 Incheon Games. South Korea ranked fourth in the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang tournament after failing to advance to the final.

South Korea seemed to win easily by scoring two goals first. However, he eventually faced a shootout as he gave up two goals in the fourth quarter alone to Japan’s pursuit.

There was also a close game in the shootout. While South Korea’s Cho Hye-jin calmly scored the goal when the final runner was 3-3, Japan’s Suzuki Miyu’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Lee Jin-min’s defense and won a thrilling victory.

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