“The ceremony for the Asian Cup, which was ruined by the earthquake…’An ominous sign?’ Japanese director’s press conference calls for emergency suspension in earthquake breaking news

The Japanese national soccer team won a friendly match with Thailand 5-0, which was held at the National Stadium in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon. The match was also Japan’s Asian Cup opening ceremony. Japan won nine consecutive A matches with a landslide victory on the day. This is a new record for consecutive wins in the history of the Japanese national team. Now, the Japanese national team is set to move to Qatar. 토토사이트 추천

Japan, which secured a perfect home win on the first day of the new year, raised expectations for an Asian Cup victory. Japan remains the most-watched country with four Asian Cup wins. In 2019, Japan also finished second by losing the title to Qatar.

Japan, which belongs to Group D at the Asian Cup, will compete with Iraq, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Korea is in Group E with Jordan, Bahrain, and Malaysia. If Korea and Japan both take the lead in the group and display unbeaten performance in the tournament, chances are high that they will meet in the final.

However, after winning the match against Thailand, an unexpected incident occurred. Manager Hajime Moriyasu was having a pleasant press conference. “It is very positive that we had a complete 5-0 victory in our last warm-up match at home,” Moriyasu said.

However, a breaking news of the earthquake was suddenly broadcasted from a Japanese broadcasting network. A 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck 90 kilometers north of Toyama Prefecture at 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday. It was strong enough to send a tsunami warning to the northern coast. In fact, a 5-meter-high tsunami occurred in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The vibration was strong enough to feel the shaking even in Tokyo’s high-rise buildings. There were a number of damages in some areas where roads were cut off and houses collapsed. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida instructed them to make every effort to take emergency measures such as rescuing victims.

Japan, which suffered a calamity from the very beginning, turned into a chaos. They no longer have the luxury of paying attention to the opening ceremony of the national soccer team. As the live broadcasting stopped suddenly, Moriyasu couldn’t even throw his hat into the ring in front of the Japanese people and left the country in a frustrating manner.

Now, the Japanese national team is planning to move to Qatar and play its last warm-up match against Jordan in Doha. Will the Japanese national team be able to comfort the public sentiment hurt by the earthquake with the trophy? Korea is definitely the biggest obstacle to Japan’s victory.

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