Suwon Girls’ High School’s Choi Sa-Ra “No matter how hard it is, I’ll keep going”

Suwon Girls’ High School’s Choi Sarang (174 cm, F) showed a strong sense of responsibility.

The qualifying rounds for the 2024 Korea Basketball Weekend League kicked off on Friday. While the tournament is in full swing in regions other than Honam and Gyeongsangbuk-do, the girls’ middle school and high school teams will begin in earnest in July.

This year, Suwon Girls’ High School has a team of eight players, including four juniors, one sophomore, and three freshmen. They are in Group A along with Chuncheon Women’s High School and Bundang Management High School in the regional qualifiers for the Weekend League.

At the moment, the team is disappointed due to transfer discipline. Due to a lack of players, the team was unable to compete in the March and April tournaments, and was eliminated in the preliminary round of the 2024 National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Tournament, their only competition this season. 온라인카지노 Six players participated in the tournament, but only five were able to take the court due to injuries.

Choi Sarang from Suwon Girls‘ High School said, “I was able to play since May due to a transfer discipline. In the first tournament I played this year, I think I lacked physical strength and backbone. I’m training for this weekend’s league to improve what I lacked in the previous tournament,” she said, adding, “I haven’t had any major injuries during my training, and I’m in great shape.”

Choi Sarang cites ‘three-point shooting’ as her strength. Suwon Girls’ High School coach Kang Byung-soo also praised Choi as “a player with a long shot and who plays really hard on defense.”

However, she needs to focus less on shooting. “She likes to shoot, so she tends to shoot a lot. I want her to practice breaking through more,” he advised Choi.

Choi Sarang also said, “I saw that she was only looking for shots made for her. We’re trying to create our own chances. I also need to react faster in one-on-one defense and try to chase down my opponent,” she said, pointing out the direction she needs to take.

When asked about their role models, the names of two players came up. “My role models are Jeon Sung-hyun, who recently moved to Changwon LG, and Kim Dan-bi of Asan Woori Bank. Jeon’s shooting timing is so fast and accurate that defenders don’t know it. Kim Dan-bi is a player who excels in the offense and plays her role regardless of her physical condition. I want to emulate that,” said Kim.

Suwon Women’s High School will be playing with only five players in the upcoming weekend’s league regional tournament. Despite the difficulties, junior Choi Sarang emphasized responsibility.

“I want to do the dirty work and play a role in solving the team’s problems. I will be the first to actively talk and inspire the team to fight,” Choi said.

Lastly, Choi Sarang said, “I want to finish first in the group and advance to the Wangjung Wang, and I will try to make up for what didn’t work in the remaining two weeks. I will take responsibility for the weekend league matches, even if it’s hard,” she said.